Pleasant Ridge Goodness!

Living in Pleasant Ridge we have a few interesting dining choices: Molly Malones, Gas Light, Loving Cafe, PR Chili, Emanu, Rasheeda's (and probably something else I'm forgetting).

This is on Montgomery - right across from PR Chili. It used to be Emanu before they moved down half a block to their beautiful new space. I've been wanting to stop since it opened and finally - just did it.

The location is very small and we were dirty from yard work so we went for takeout instead...

I've heard about the chicken so we went for that. I got dark meat with yams & mac & cheese. The chicken - delicious. The yams were good and plentiful but I couldn't finish them all. The mac & cheese was definitely homemade and better than most.

Larry went for the white meat with the butter roasted potatoes and beans. We both got cornbread. The beans came in a to-go cup and were delicious! Maybe my favorite thing about the whole meal.

We also got some wings and our other piece of cornbread. The cornbread was really great too - not the "yellow" kind I'm used to - not quite as sweet but really great.

We both enjoyed the meal very much and they have specials on different days of the week - Sundays is Jerk Duck and I gotta try that very soon!

Honestly we weren't expecting much but we were pleasantly surprised. The meals (2 piece chicken, 2 sides & cornbread) were $8 each - not bad for home cooking!

One thing to note - because it's so small - they don't have much of a staff. They told us 10 minutes and we got there and waited for another 5. I wasn't real sure they knew I was there since nobody came out - but then magically - Rasheeda (I'm guessing) came out with bags of food for myself and the other waiting customers...

Why Should You Go? Home cooking for $8/meal - sounds good to me?! Plus its a different flavor completely than KFC or the like...

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  1. Hi Food Hussy! This looks yummy. Is this the place across from Pleasant Ridge Chili or is it the Rasheeda's Deli from Norwood?

    I saw your post tied to the Norwood location on urbanspoon so wasn't sure.