Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Taking a page from Erica's Cincinnati Re-adventure - I visited a place that I've wanted to go for a long time and most people probably never even knew existed! We visited Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park in Hamilton, OH.

Just off State Route 128 in Hamilton is this great park with sculptures all around. There is also a museum room of sorts that has various pieces from Greek & Roman times.

Admission to the park is $8 for adults and $2 for children - but there was nobody at the gate the day we went. When we went to the museum - we paid there.

Here are a few items from the museum that really caught my eye:

Roman Marble Mosaic Panel from the Area of Antioch - 2nd - 3rd Century A.D.

The mosaics were amazing - I couldn't get enough of them!

Roman Marble Head of the God Serapis Circa 2nd Century A.D.

After going through the museum we rented a very floral golf cart ($20) and hit the road! You can drive through the park on the paths and see all the sculptures that are scattered throughout. It was a beautiful day - perfect for this activity!

I didn't get out to read much about the sculptures - but just drove around and enjoyed the views.

Oh yes - and forced Larry to pose for pictures every now and then...

This one - I loved! Cincinnati Story by George Sugarman. The colors were amazing in person and I just have no idea how anybody would even think this up!

There are a few ponds too - loved it.

What a happy bird!

This was a pioneer house - very interesting to walk into and think about trying to live in it!

I loved this dragonfly dome...

I think the oddest thing to me is that in the middle of this park is someone's home! It has a sign for private drive and I'm guessing this is how the park was named "Pyramid Hill" since it's a pyramid on a hill (I am a smart cookie). I wanted to go look more but Larry refused to drive the cart on their yard...argh!

Here's another look at their drive...

The views around the park were just spectacular. Again for a warm sunny day where you just want to hang out in nature - it's fantastic.

Granted the $20 + 2 admissions was a bit steeper than we planned on but it was worth it. We enjoyed the afternoon so much and will definitely be back!


  1. Sugarman's "Cincinnati Story" was originally designed for the triangular plaza in front of the Chiquita Building (not the original name) at the NW corner of 5th & Sycamore. It was moved to Pyramid Hill years ago because the building's new owners didn't like it (or so the story goes.)

    The Louvre-like glass pyramid you saw is a skylight for the mostly earth-bermed, underground, very energy-efficient home of the founder of Pyramid Hill, Harry Wilks.

  2. That glass pyramid reminds me of the one in The Louvre in Paris!