Wicked-wich - Wicked-good?

I finally had the chance to meet up with my fantastic friend Marla and hit up the Wicked-wich on Sycamore.

I've heard really great things about this place - Get In Mah Belly even raved about it just a couple days ago!

They are very friendly - asked if we'd been there before and explained the whole menu and ordering system to us. They have some pre-chosen selections on the board but really encourage you to create your own 'wich.

They definitely pride themselves on their rubbed & roasted meats. This chicken does look damn good...

Also at the front counter - dessert! I got a carrot cake and it was okay. I'm not a huge carrot cake fan thus I have no idea why I picked it. The wrap is also creative as well. I liked it - just didn't love it.

Marla got their daily broomstick (aka special) - something with portabella and grilled onions. She really enjoyed it and the sandwich size is pretty good for a special.

On the reco of the gentleman above - I got the roast beef on some type of roll he recommended with goat cheese. I liked it - again - didn't love it. The meat was flavorful and plentiful. The goat cheese - as much as I love the stuff - wasn't near as good as swiss would have been. I always hesitate to make my own at places like this or Gilpins because I fear I won't make a good selection.

Marla got a tomato soup which she did like...I had a bite - creamy and mellow - very tasty! Not a ton of flavor - but that was fine by her...she's not a fan of something that reaches out and grabs you.

I got the bean soup - it was chunky and full of flavor. It was also full of salt. At first - I loved this - but after about 5 bites - the salt was overwhelming. The flavor was SOOOOO good - I just wish it hadn't been overcome by salt.

There is also a pretty neat mural on the wall...and I have to say the decor is great. It's very modern and funky - not what you expect in a deli.

One other thing to address is price - the sandwiches are $7-ish. Then the sides are $1.50 each. I chose soup ($2.95) instead because the sides just weren't sounding good that day (wheatberry salad, couscous crunch, etc...). I'm not a huge fan of those type of sides - just me personally. So add $7.50 for sandwich, $3 for soup, $2 for drink and probably $2 for dessert - well - it was a little pricey. I was trying to try bits of everything - so I went a bit more than I normally would for a lunch - but just be aware - it's not a $5 footlong. Granted - it's far more unique - but just know that going in.

Why Should You Go? If you really like a good sandwich - then definitely check it out. But maybe try their pre-chosen ones if you're not 100% sure what you want...

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  1. i thought this was a stupid review. soup is always salty, duh! and the only reason you pay $5 at Subway is because it's low quality ingredients. i think the prices are spot on for the times. it's not 1985 anymore HELLO!

  2. Re: soup - I love salt - I get my margaritas with half the tequila and twice the salt (not kidding) - but this was overwhelming with the salt.

    By the flavor of the rest of the soup - I'm sure it was just an off day - the flavor was really great - they were just heavy-handed that day.