BBQ for the Whole Fam Damily!

While my mom was in town we were trying to find someplace open for lunch at 11am on a Sunday. That is a lot more difficult than you'd think! After trying no less than 5 places - seriously - we finally found Smokey Bones open. At that point it was 11:50am and we were starving so we said - FINE DAMMIT WE'LL HAVE BBQ!

It's a chain - yes - I know - but we were really hungry. Really really hungry and had driven by 5 non-chains and couldn't take it any more.

First, because of the starvation, we got the Pretzel Bones. Big giant soft pretzel sticks with 3 sauces: honey mustard, queso and garlic parmesan. These were really great - we scarfed them down - and not just because of the hunger pains. Strangely enough - we each liked one of the sauces - I was partial to the honey mustard and Mom liked the garlic parm. Honestly - Larry's a straight pretzel guy - so he took little dips here and there across all 3.

The queso was very reminiscent of Carlos O'Kellys I just didn't love it on a pretzel. I do now want it on chips - so I'll be back for that!

Not sure why - all the photos have this angelic glow to them. It was Sunday though...

Mom got the Smokehouse Burger with onion straws, bbq sauce, bacon and cheese. Heart attack on a plate but tasty!

I can't remember prices either - they aren't on their online menu - I suppose because a burger in NYC is pricier than here in the 'Nati.

Larry got the 10 oz sirloin and actually ate all of his broccoli! It was cooked perfectly as well - which is nice.

I got the combo of Baby Back Ribs & 1/4 BBQ Chicken along with the loaded baked potato and Fire Roasted Corn. It was all damn good. The corn was soooo delicious - it definitely made me crave the summer corn that I'll be munching on. There are 3 sauces to choose from for the BBQ - I went with original and liked it a lot. There were plenty of leftovers which made for a nice lunch at work the next day.

The "loaded" baked potato was a bit of a disappointment - adding sour cream and a bit of chives is not loaded in my book.

Why Should You Go? Well for chain BBQ fare - it's fine - pretty good I'd say. I like Hoggys better but like this better than City BBQ.

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  1. Ack! I've never had anything good there, and the service has always been dreadful!!!

  2. From Mr."T"

    I think the food is terrible!!!