Don't be afraid - they're just old people.

A friend of mine (plug for her free e-book of short stories) told me about Twin Bistro. A coworker's family owns it.

I tried twice to find this place - it's very tricky. The address on their site doesn't basically exist - but they've updated it to mention the Panorama building (old folks apartments) and I finally found it!

And now they have this handy dandy sign out front! It's right across from the IRS building on 4th Street.

We wandered around in the building for a while figuring we'd eventually find it. It's not easy to find - but if you go into the doors on the left (if you're facing the building) - it's easier from there.

Once inside we noticed it wasn't too busy - but the menu looks good! They also have a hella-breakfast menu that I want to go back for.

My friend got the burger - it's got a lot of garlic in it - and it's IN the meat - so just be aware of that. If you can't tell - she's a "plain" kind of girl and didn't like it. But she's very very picky on seasoning...

Larry got his with cheese (how much more lively!) and for $5.50 - it's a good deal too! He got fries which i think was a bit extra. I snagged a bite and was really pleased. This is definitely a hand-made burger - not a frozen patty!

I got the Reuben ($5.50) with saratoga chips. The chips are freshly made and really delicious! The sandwich was good as well but I was a little jealous of the burger. I like my Reubens gooey - so I think next time I'd ask for more cheese & sauce - but this was good.

They also have quite a bakery and snacky products. We got the peanut butter cup bars to go - honestly - I didn't like. I think maybe if it was cold and firm - I would have liked it. But it got melty very quickly and was just grainy and not that great.

There's also fresh granola - which definitely looked good.

Like I said though - I want to go back for the cinnamon rolls and biscuits & gravy!

Why Should You Go? If you work in/near Covington, go on the hunt and find the place. The prices are cheap, it's not busy and the food is good! What more can you ask for?

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  1. I didn't like the peanut butter thing either. THe fries were good and I'm still wondering if the mini-fried chicken sandwiches would be tasty.