Free Spicy Chicken Sandwich? Yes Please!

Sometimes being a food blogger has it's perks. I get tickets here and there - got some free frozen vegetables last week - and sometimes I get invites to fun things. A couple weeks ago - one such invite came in - Chick-fil-A was introducing a new spicy chicken sandwich and I could get one for free!

Turns out - a crapload of people got the invite - but I felt honored to be one of the first. It was pretty slick - you signed up for a specific time & location and then printed off your certificate.

So last week we hopped down to the Chick-fil-A in Tower Place Mall for our free sandwiches! We thought it would just be a sandwich - but we also got chips & a drink for free as well.

The manager had this room set up in the old Gap (I think) for the free sandwiches to be feasted upon. He was very friendly and attentive with refills and such...

One of our coworkers hates pickles...I know...who hates pickles???? But he was happy that his sandwich could be gotten sans pickles...

I decided I was in the mood for a shake and their awesome waffle fries so the chips were donated to a coworker. They also had a table set up with lots of extra spicy things like pepper jack cheese, hot sauces, etc...

But - how was the sandwich?????

Well - I think Chick-fil-A has the best chicken sandwiches anyway. They're always moist and hot and just really great for fast food. By far the best fast-food chicken around.

The spicy chicken did have a kick to it and our table all agreed it was better than the Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich. It was spicier and just better chicken.

Why Should You Go? If you like a spicy chicken sandwich - then this is pretty good. It's not overpowering unedible spicy - just the right amount.

And yes - my sandwich was free - but I paid for my shake & fries.

Don't forget - only a couple days left for the eReach giveaway on my Pirate's Cove blog from Friday!

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  1. This place sucks!!!How could you even say anything is awesome about this place, I always seem to disagree with you but most critics like cheap manufactured food. Just shows hey don't know cr%p.

  2. That's cool! Do these companies come to you or do you have to reach out to get these coupons?

    I love Chick-fil-A. Great chicken sandwiches.