Giveaway Day!

Lately I've been contacted by a lot of people wanting to do giveaways on my blog - so I figure - why not?!

Last week - eReach - keep reading for those winners! Besides that I've also been contacted by Brueggers, Red Lobster and Cincy Chic!

Now I know - Brueggers & Red Lobster are chains - but hey - who can't use a free lunch every now and then? More to come on those...

Cincy Chic contacted me about their upcoming Red, Pink and Blue event! Not only do I get to go but so can you! They've given me 3 pair of tickets for the event which is next Friday June 25.

If you're not familiar, Red, Pink and Blue is a fashion show with vendors and all of the proceeds go to charity - sounds like a fun time to me!

To be entered for these tickets all you have to do is post a comment with your favorite red, pink or blue food. Yeah - food! I guess my favorite would have to be pink zingers!

There you have - post in the comments your favorite red, pink or blue food and one of each color will win a pair of tickets to the upcoming event. Also - don't forget to post your email or twitter name so I can get in touch with you about the tickets.

Now for the eReach giveaway from last Friday! The winners - chosen by a very complex numbering system that involved my dog stepping on numbers corresponding to blog comments are...DRUM ROLL PLEASE...

Kayla and Donnie
Jen Lillie

Congrats ladies - I'll be getting your eReach gift card info to you in the next week!

Thanks again to everyone that entered and make sure to enter for these Red, Pink & Blue tickets. I'll be announcing winners during the day Thursday!


  1. As much as it makes me feel like I'm five years old, my favorite red, white, and blue food is the popsicle consisting of those colors.

    I think they have a million different names, but they look like this.

    Nothing reminds me more of the 4th of July as a child. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I'm sure it's more of a childhood-comfort food thing, but my favorite blue food still has to be Blue Raspberry Icees. Ridiculous, but I had one on a recent hot afternoon - refreshing and cooling, if slightly brain-freezetastic.

  3. yay! I never win anything... so excited :)

  4. I would have to go with blue, for bleu cheese...i have a new found love for it and want to try it in everything!

  5. Jen - I need your email - to set up this account. Feel free to email me at


  6. My favorite pink food is pink lemonade cupcakes!


  7. I loves me some bomb cherry delish, white lemon refreshing, blue raspberry the perfect ending.

    twitter: allieblahblah

  8. Born and raised on the East Coast, my favorite red food would have to be Lobstah...ahem...Lobster.

    Boiled. Steamed. In soups, stews, bisques or chowders. In a roll with mayo and celery from Mcdonalds (yes they have them!) At a picninc, at a restaurant, at a clam bake. Preferably with some sort of fat on, around, or dripping off of it.

    As long as it is colored an angry red, with two uneven claws, spidery legs and a delicious sweet, creamy, salty, and oceany taset, I AM IN.