My new favorite pizza is....BRUNO'S!

My good friend Jen lives outside the 275 loop - the horror! But there are a few hidden gems up there that I'm glad she's open my eyes to and I found a new one recently - Bruno's Pizza!

For all you Miami grads - you're saying - um duh - we know this already! But hey - Bruno's (originally in Oxford) has now expanded to West Chester and I'm glad they did. It's in a strip mall and I literally missed it when I drove past...

Not a great picture - sorry about the flash - but there's nothing more fun than walking in the front door and seeing a pizza tosser!

Jen told me we had to try the Bruno Dough ($6). It's fried dough tossed in butter, garlic and parmesan. Oh yeah - that sounds awesome! It was good - completely unhealthy for you - but damn good!

We got a large pizza and I honestly can't remember what the heck was on it! Jen's a vegetarian and Larry's a meatatarian - so I'm guessing a 1/2 and 1/2.

Although I can't tell you what was on it - I can tell you what I thought of it. I LOVED IT!

The sauce, the cheese, the crust - all of it. It is my new favorite pizza by far!!! There was a lot of cheese and it melted just right so you can tell it's good cheese - not the cheap crap. The toppings were fresh and tasty. The sauce wasn't bitter or sweet - it was just perfect. Really - this is my favorite pizza now!

Actually - I gotta figure out when we're going back - I'm hungry!

Why Should You Go? It's new, locally-owned and great pizza! The atmosphere is nice too. And the price is pretty average for good pizza. More than Dominos - but it actually tastes good!

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  1. Looks generic and doughy

  2. That looks like a shocking amount of dough!! Is that just the way it looks in that picture, or did it balance well with the sauce/cheese/toppings? I would def. give it a try though.

    As always, ABL...anything but larosa's

  3. It wasn't that much dough and the sauce and toppings were delicious. And yeah - ABL!!!

  4. That's right down the road from us but I haven't tried it yet. Love your blog... I visit often to find new places!