Would it really be a cheeseburger in paradise?

My good friend Rachel is a huge Jimmy Buffet fan - she dresses up to go to the shows and even has a big huge GIANT parrot that she wears on her shoulder. Thus, I've always wanted to go to Cheeseburger in Paradise over in Eastgate.

I've driven by many times but a couple weeks ago - we were over that way around lunch time so I finally made the fiance go!

Larry got the Beach Burger with Sweet Potato chips. I hadn't heard much about this place and wasn't expecting much - but damn - it was great! I mean - look at that plate - I'm hungry just thinking about it again! The chips were very good too - very unique offering that we will definitely get again!

I got the Guacamole Bacon Burger but on a regular bun - didn't feel like onions that day. It was more a hunk of avocado with some guac stuck to it - but again - really tasty burger. I also went for a side of queso with my fries and have to say - I think I've found my Ohio queso to match up with Carlos O'Kelly's in Iowa! Granted - it's very americanized dip - but man - I love it! I'll be back for that alone!

Here's a shot of the bar - it's very islandy. The outside deck area is where we sat and that was really nice. The view of the parking lot isn't much to brag about but overall it was a great visit! Pleasantly surprised to say the least!

Why Should You Go? If you're in the area - it's a good darned burger! And try the sweet potato chips...they're really great.

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  1. I really like Cheeseburger in Paradise! It's cheesy, but the food is good! Also, if you go again you have to try the Chocolate nachos! Delicious! They're "chocolate and flour tortillas fried, sweetened and covered with chocolate sauce, strawberries and colored sprinkles. Served with Blue Bell® strawberry and vanilla ice cream for dipping"! I usually just get all strawberry ice cream though...it's so good!

  2. Great review, as usual!

    I can't help but think how cool this would be on the Banks.