A while back we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings or "B-Dubs" as all of Cincinnati refers to it. This whole "B-Dubs" was new to me - as was the "BW3s" - there are 3 W's??? It's Buffalo Wild Wings - where's the 3rd W?

Anyway - Larry and I were starving and he likes B-Dubs so we decided to head to the one in Deer Park.

We started out with boneless wings with the medium sauce. These were tasty - I have to say even the medium is pretty spicy! I think it was like $8 for 8 wings - a little pricey to me.

Then Larry got the "slammers" and we shared - they were really pretty good for little burgers. They were a little overdone but not too shabby.

I got the Buffalitos - always a fan of these. I got the chicken and they were yum. The chips and salsa aren't my favorite...but they're ok.

Why Should You Go? If you're looking for wings - it's the place most people go. It's also the environment - the tvs and the trivia.

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  1. Hi Heather,

    I think the 3rd W was for 'Weck sandwiches' - an upstate New York delicacy that they no longer serve.

  2. The third W is from the old name - Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck.

    Now they are just Buffalo Wild Wings.


  3. I used to go to BW3 a lot, but then they decided to get rid of the ONE vegetarian item on the menu (veggie buffalitos). When I asked a server if I could get the chicken buffalitos without the chicken, she said, "sure, but there's no discount on price."

    Um, thanks but no thanks. Haven't darked their door since.

  4. hahaha I always wondered the same thing about the BW3s ... it didn't make much sense to me, but I just went with it ... and I have never heard of a Weck either. I just now refer to it as B-Dubs.

  5. I like to eat there whenever I can, its much better than eating a dead raccoons ass in the hot sun!