Burger Truck oh Burger Truck - Wherefore art thou my Burger Truck?

I am a bit embarrassed to admit this - I think I'm the last of the Cincinnati Food Bloggers to visit the food trucks! If you didn't know - food trucks have been popping up all over the city - there's the taco truck, the burger truck, the pizza guy, the Coldstone truck, etc...

It's not that I haven't wanted to try them - it's just they were always FAR away from me! Fortunately the City Council recently approved for the barrage of food trucks to park in 3 city owned lots and one was at 5th & Race - which was very convenient for me!

Cafe de Wheels was thankfully in the lot the day I went. It's right across from Macy's by the hotels...very nice!

I've been wanting to try this one for a while - and by the looks of their UrbanSpoon page - I'm the LAST blogger to do so!
The makeshift line forms near the window. There are menus you can grab or there is one on the truck itself. Just like at the Muscatine County Fair elephant ear booth - you walk up and shout your order to the happy face behind the counter. (That's a little shout-out to my home town.)

There's the taco truck next to the burger truck...next time it'll be your turn Senor Roys - I promise!

While you wait for your order you can gander at the cars/trucks that go by. Like this one for example. Larry was with me and was eager to point out that they're open 365 days/year. Yes - even on Christmas you can go to Cheeks! What a Christmas gift that would be!

We each got the Wheels Burger ($5.50 comes with cheese, lettuce, mayo, tomato & balsamic onion marmalade). We also ordered 2 sodas and a cup of sweet potato fries ($3).

These were damn good burgers! Larry thought they were smaller than the ones at Five Guys - which I'll agree with. That said - he did think it was good - as did I. The onion marmalade really added a lot to the burger.

The sweet potato fries were also EXCELLENT! They actually tasted like sweet potato and were smothered in salt - w00t for me - cuz I loves me some salt!

The menu also has a pretty wide variety and although a lot of things were jumping out at me - I decided to start with what they're best known for - that fat juicy burger - and I'm glad I did.

Why Should You Go? It's fun ordering from a truck - I don't know why - but it just is. Now it's still $8-10 and you have no place to sit when you're done - so know that going in. We did split the fries and there were plenty for that! If you're hitting up the 5th & Race spot - walk a block over to the Duke Convention Center building - try a few doors and you'll get in. It's dead during the day and air conditioned!

Have you hit up the food trucks? Where else should they go?

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I also want to thank the friendly face at the truck. Not only did she recognize me as the Food Hussy (gotta love that), she also - without telling me - comped my burger. It took me five minutes and the calculator on my phone to figure that one out! But thanks again happy burger girl!


  1. Gawd I'd kill for a 5 guys or this truck in Cedar Rapids

  2. it should be noted that you are not the last one to go try a food truck out. i work even fruther from them you and krissy has spent most of the year in chillicothe.....i'm not even sure when i could do this.....

  3. unfortunately you're not the last to go :( I still havent been to any either! In my defense I was hard of walking for a while there....but looks awesome..hopefully I will get there asap!

  4. That first photo is hilarious: he's totally looking at her cleavage. Not like I noticed. :)

  5. I have never been here either! I used to work downtown but now I work in Covington. Maybe I will venture over to that side to try that big burger! Sounds yummy :) Check out my blog at http://steaknpotatoeskindagurl.blogspot.com/

  6. I go all the time...including today and she never comps me. :(