Red, Pink, Blue and Awesome!

I'm quickly becoming a big fan of Cincy Chic - they throw great events and I always get brought out of my box just a little bit more. If you're not familiar, Cincy Chic is the only online lifestyle publication for women in the Greater Cincinnati area. They have a weekly e-newsletter and events happening all the damn time!

Their editor and publisher Amy Storer-Scalia is even "famous" - she's been in Proactiv commercials and just finished shooting one with Jennifer Love Hewitt yesterday!

Last Friday they held their annual Red, Pink and Blue event (Red - Heart Disease, Pink - Breast Cancer, Blue - Diabetes) on the Purple People Bridge at Newport on the Levee. I was lucky enough to get a pair of tickets (thanks Amy) and gave some away so I had to share the photos from Friday!

We were one of the first 200 so we got a swag bag. One extra nice thing was a free hair cut & style from Sableux Salon. My sister and I were in desperate need of haircuts and went Sunday - loved it - thanks Rebecca!

Here's the red for the American Heart Association.

There were also vendors there selling jewelry - this was from Serket Jewelry. Very cool stuff and nearly all of it is made by them!

And what's a big old womens event without Coochy Cream? Christy Irwin was there with her goods...

Other fun things at the event:

* Wiggy Dip ice cream - a mobile ice cream vendor. The ice cream is also locally produced and the company is locally owned. Great option for any event!
* Hype Cincinnati was there with a photo booth taking really fun pictures.
* St. Elizabeth was there providing mammograms (I passed on that fun! haha)
* Bridge for a Cause provided free hamburgers, hot dogs and sides.

Here's my sister and I enjoying the event. She was leaving for Korea in a few days (teaching English for a year!) so we had to have some sisterly bonding!

Star Lanes (the new bowling alley at Newport on the Levee) was there handing out cards for a free game. Finally something fun to do at the Levee!

There was a DJ there playing music and they even had a couple girls that were headed to the Reds game come over and show the crowd the right way to do the Cupid Shuffle.

The event opened at 630 but the fashion show (yeah!) wasn't until 930 so we decided to walk around the Levee for a bit. There was quite a crowd milling around. This guy was making random items with balloons for all the kids.

Newport on the Levee itself doesn't have much for shopping but we did walk through the Art Gallery/Store and saw this - who doesn't want a painting of a big fluffy cat in a gilded helmet?

Back to the bridge we went for the fashion show. All the designs were from local fashionista Amy Kirchen. This definitely was a fun show - I had originally thought about contacting a local designer to make me a dress for my upcoming wedding - not really a full wedding dress - but just a really cute fun dress. Seeing this show made me wish I had!!!

The photos suck because I was using my cell phone camera which isn't good at moving things. My sister thought they made them look more artsy - so here you go!

Here's a better photo of the orange one.

We were sitting next to this model's family - they were so excited. We had to cheer right along with them. Here's a better shot of this dress, sans belt.

My phone has this funky setting to do mosaic photos - it's ridiculous - but fun to play with. My sister was less than amused.

And another dress walking down the runway - probably the best shot I got - but here's a better one of the dress - very very cute!

All in all - what a fun time - and although my tickets were free - it's only $15/person - so it's totally a good deal considering the free $30 haircut I got last weekend!

To find out more about Cincy Chic - be sure and sign up for their newsletter. Plus everybody that is a new registrant during July is entered to win a cut, color and makeup application from Lucid Salon. What's more - if you win - tell them I told you about it - and I get one too!

Why Should You Go? Okay - while the food was nothing amazing here - the event was. And it's all for a good cause! Make sure to jot down Red, Pink & Blue for 2011!

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning Wiggy Dip! We enjoyed meeting you @ Red, Pink and Blue and hope you enjoyed the Coconut Cream Pie Ice Cream! :)