Coffee Emporium Restaurant Review - Downtown Cincinnati

Recently I got to have lunch with the lovely ladies from Cincy Chic and we headed downtown to Coffee Emporium.

It's right there on Central Parkway - you have to kind of look for it but the umbrellas and sidewalk sign sure helped.

Inside the wafting smell of coffee is very strong. There are quite a few tables but also there's a nice loungy couch area in the front too.

There's a big wall o' coffee too - I don't drink coffee but it smelled good.

The girls from CC got the chicken salad ($6.95) - this one had the side salad. I'm always wary of chicken salad - I hate the stuff with nuts and grapes and stuff - I don't really even know if this had that BUT the girls both loved it. This came with the side salad or fruit.

I got the OTR Grilled Cheese ($6.95) with the side salad. It came with rye, garlic spread, tomato, cheddar & swiss. It was pretty good - I could definitely taste the garlic in the spread. The dressing was tasty as well - the "salad" was just spring mix - maybe adding something to it would be nice as well.

Here's the Chicken Salad served with a side of fruit. Again - looked good!

I didn't try these - someone called me out for not trying all the food on a previous blog. I gotta say - I don't think it's right of me to say "Hey friend - can I eat your food?" I'll do that with Larry - but not when I'm on a business lunch or with casual friends.

Why Should You Go? It's definitely a nice different lunch spot in downtown. It's a little off the beaten path but there is a good deal of parking though - so that's nice. I'd go back...


  1. ha that's funny, yeah that doesn't seem appropriate... maybe a family member or spouse but not a friend or co-worker! sometimes you just have to go by their opinion!

  2. I would hardly call the middle of Central Parkway, directly north of the business district, "off the beaten path"...

  3. Well Anonymous - I meant in terms of "downtown". It's not really in the walking path if you work downtown. And if you don't work downtown - you probably wouldn't know about it either. Thus - to me - it's off the beaten path. At least the path I beat.