Fountain Square Food Day!

My friend Marla and I decided to head down to Fountain Square and check out some of the restaurants that have popped up. Rather than Skyline - we decided to try The Elusive Cow and Tom + Chee.

I've heard so much about Tom + Chee so really wanted to try that...but Marla wasn't in the mood so she decided to try the menu at Elusive Cow. The lines weren't too bad...and it wasn't yet so blazing hot like it is now!

Tom + Chee does lay out their menu for all to see each day. They had a couple of salads, soups (not on display) and a variety of grilled cheese. The one in the lower right is the donut grilled cheese - I passed on that one!

I got the combo of sandwich + salad. This is the tomato mozzarella basil salad. I liked it but it wasn't perfect. The mozzarella didn't have much flavor and was a bit grainier than I like.

This was the grilled cheese with bacon and I - again - wasn't thrilled. It was just kinda greasy and nothing special.

I know half of the Tom + Chee is tomato soup - but it was warm enough that I wasn't in a soup mood. I hear that's better.

Tom + Chee on Urbanspoon

Marla had something from the Elusive Cow...

She got a burger with a side of cucumber salad. This wasn't anything special either - the burger was pretty flavorless (I snuck a bite).

The Elusive Cow on Urbanspoon

Why Should You Go? Well - I'm not sure you should. Maybe this winter I'll head back on a cold day for the soup.

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  2. Marla also added that the cucumber salad was nasty.

  3. The 'Market on the Square' wont be there during the winter