Quickie blog post just to announce the winners of the $5 gift certificates from Bruegger's! Thanks to for their Random Number Generator - the lucky five are...

1. Claudia
2. Chaskeh
3. Anonymous 1 (alaskajen)
4. Anonymous 2 (vgauntner)
5. Susan

Congrats to all of you...and just a note - I had 5 other entrants that didn't leave any contact information for themselves! You can't win if you don't tell me how to get a hold of you!!!! (This includes a fellow Hawkeye - I was rooting for her!)

I'll be emailing all of the winners to get their contact information and send out the $5 gift certificates.

I've got a giveaway coming next week too! Klosterman and Evol Burritos coming up...

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