Yes kids - that's right - it's Giveaway Day again here at I actually have a few things stocked up but this week I've decided it's Bruegger's!

In honor of their "4 Under $4" promotion they sent me 5-$5 gift certificates (maybe they should have sent 4-$4?) to giveaway to my readers.

They now have 4 breakfast sandwiches all under $4:

* Chipotle Spinach Egg Sandwich
* Western Egg Sandwich w/Roasted Vegetables
* Egg White & Sun-dried Tomato Sandwich
* Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Sandwich

You can find out more about each on their "breakfast sandwich" page - including nutritional info! (Um - after looking at the nutritional info - you might not wanna look!)

I hold a special place in my heart for Bruegger's because of college. I went to the University of Iowa and Bruegger's was the first bagel I ever had. I didn't like cream cheese at the time (wtf?) so I would always get a cinnamon raisin with butter. My best friend would often stop on her way to class and bring one for me. I don't think I could have made it through Chem 4:7 without Amy and those bagels! Who am I kidding - I barely passed the class anyway - the bagels made it bearable!

All that nostalgia aside - here I sit with 5-$5 coupons to giveaway. There's no restrictions and they're good at any location.

For the contest - tell me your favorite Bruegger's item. I'll get us started...

My favorite Bruegger's item - well I have two:

1. Bacon Scallion Cream Cheese - this stuff is so delicious! It's truly my favorite thing and I typically go when I'm craving it.

2. Everything Cookie - this is another killer. It's like a peanut butter-chocolate chip-coconut-oatmeal cookie all in one! They also have a "bar" but that's almost too much for me - the cookie is just right! I've been known to stand there for 5 minutes while they go in the back and get one for me out of the oven and package it - it's that good.

There you have it - now - it's your turn. Post your favorite item and a contact email or twitter name and you're entered!

Happy Posting!

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  1. Call me boring, but I usually just get a bagel with creme cheese. They are a great quick, cheap breakfast/lunch. Plus, they have such a variety of bagels and spreads that I don't get bored (despite being boring, of course)!

  2. My favorite Bruegger's Bagels item are two of the bagels - the rosemary and olive oil bagel with butter and cream cheese (warm of course). And the other is the asiago cheese bagel. I love both so much and that is the only place I know that has those varieties. Love Bruegger's! I always ask for gift cards to Bruegger's for my birthday and Christmas! My contact is

    Check out my blog at

  3. Asian Chicken Salad is awesome.

    Also, pumpernikel(sp?) bagel with veggie cream cheese

  4. I'm a fan of the salt bagel with cream cheese. A little plain, but yummy!


  5. my favorite is the rosemary herb bagel with plain cream cheese! YUMMY!

    twitter: @monkeetrouble7

  6. My favorite is the veggie sandwich w everything cream good!

    twitter- @chaskeH

  7. I like the Thai Peanut Chicken sandwich...or else just a plain Honey Wheat or Cinnamon Raisin bagel...


  8. everything bagel, veggies, hummus, sundried tomato spread... mmmmmmm.

  9. Love the bacon scallion cream cheese!!

  10. I love the toasted sesame bagels with honey walnut cream cheese.



  11. There is nothing better than a straight up Everything Bagel at Brueggers. Salt, garlic, bread, and all the other best food groups rolled into one. I don't let them drown it in cream cheese either - ask for it on the side and apply it sparingly or risk overpowering the taste of the bagel itself.

  12. A fresh warm cinnamon sugar bagel with plain cream cheese. Very simple, but absolutely delicious.

  13. I signed in, but not sure if my email will come up on the last post. ashcoopley @ gmail [dot] com

  14. My favorite is the Leonardo De Veggie, no tomato, add sprouts (I really dig the herb cream cheese, roasted red peppers and muenster cheese together!)! Preferably on an rosemary and olive oil bagel!


  15. I love Herby Turkey on a rosemary bagel.

    The bacon scallion cream cheese sounds heavenly!

    Contact scrapbookingaunt at me dot com

  16. The Santa Fe Turkey is my favorite, not on the official menu anymore but I still ask for it when I go in (Turkey, Jalapeno Cream cheese, red peppers)

  17. I'm a simple gal...who also went to the UofI and Bruegger's was my first and still my favorite.
    My top choice? A warm plain bagel with butter.