New Favorite Place!!!! LBYC!

Sorry Pirates Cove - we have found our new favorite place and it is Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club!

LBYC is right on the Ohio river between Ludlow & Bromley, Kentucky right on Route 8. I'd heard about it for quite some time but Larry bought a car in Bromley and after driving buy it 16 times - we had to stop.

This is the view from the patio - the first night we went was rainy - but still - what a view.

I can't say enough awesome things about LBYC. We're now "regulars" on Saturday nights and typically sit at the bar. The wait staff are so friendly (and really buxom - it's like that Seinfeld episode) and the managers are attentive as well.

The music is much "younger" than Pirates Cove which is nice and they have bands on Saturday nights (maybe other nights too?). This place is also huge and it gets PACKED! If you're not there by 7 - you might not find a table.

But really - beyond the atmosphere - how's the food? REALLY GOOD!

Honestly - I was pretty surprised! The food at Pirates Cove is truly the downfall - I try different things but it's all mediocre at best. This food is actually GOOD!

Above are the shrimp kabobs with rice & veges ($9.75). The rice was fine - nothing to write home - I ate it. The veggies - totally frozen and a little underdone. So where's the good? Um the shrimp! They are HUGE and cooked perfectly and really flavorful! A little crispy, herby, buttery, salty and just plain delicious!

Larry got the shrimp basket with fries ($5.75 I think). Again - winner winner shrimp dinner! The batter is what is the winner here - it's definitely batter and not breading. The pile of shrimp is huge and it was just damn good!

Why Should You Go? The atmosphere is fun, yet non-offensive. The staff is friendly and attentive. The food is good. The scenery is great. Beware - if you're not there early - parking is a little crazy! But it's really a fun time!

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