Parkers Grill - pre-renovation

I almost feel bad posting this - but I took the pics and ate the food - so here goes. I went to Parker's in Blue Ash a bit ago. I didn't realize - but it's actually a chain - but not like McDonald's chain - they have 12 restaurants across the US.

The reason I feel bad about posting this is - they closed for renovations a week later and got a new chef! So this is a review of the "old" place although I can't imagine it changed a ton - but I'm not too sure. Their new chef is Ben Toney, formerly of Cafe Bella.

I'm doubting the outside changed - it sorta looks like a country club...very pretty setting.

There's also a big patio - I think they were redoing something to do with this in the renovation.

First up was homemade bread - very fresh and soft butter - win!

Jen got the Pizza & Salad ($8.50) with the Margarita Pizza (plum tomatoes, basil, 3 cheese). She was very pleased and it did look good. She let me try a bite of the pizza and I did like it!

I decided to try one of their "signature" items - the Parkers Dynamite Sticks ($9.95) from their appetizer menu. Dynamite Sticks are: Crisp flat bread, stuffed with seared gulf shrimp, applewood- smoked bacon, andouille sausage, red peppers and four cheese medley, served with spicy tomato/cheese sauce. That's a lot of stuff in one stick.

A few things to note:

* These sticks are huge - probably 10 inches each!
* They taste like a pizza roll. I'm sorry but there was no possible way to distinguish ANY of the ingredients listed above. It's like a chunky blenderfied substance in a deep-fried tortilla.
* They are good - but only as an appetizer - not a meal. There are some apps that can be a meal - but not this one. It was too much.

Service was good and our waiter noted by picture-taking and we discussed the blog, etc... That's when he shared the renovation info.

Why Should You Go? Well - it's a really nice place and very busy at lunch. I think it's sort of "adult" crowd as far as most people were over 40 that were there. So - not the blue hairs - but the salt & pepper hairs. I think Ben will bring some great changes as chef - he was great at Cafe Bella and I can't wait to go back and check it out post-remodel.

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