Enter the Giveaway! Vote for me!

Hey everybody - just a quick post - 2 things! One for you and one for me!

First - the Giveaway is still open - I'm giving away 2 evol burritos and 1 item from Klosterman Bakery this week! Go enter - you just have to leave a happy comment and you're in! I have four coupon packs to give away.

Secondly - I've entered into the FoodBuzz Project Food Blog Challenge to become the next Food Blogging Star! I need your help! Check out my entry and vote for me! Challenge #1 was to write a blog about who we are as a food blogger and what makes us unique. Who can say I'm not unique? There are 600+ entries and only 400 make it to Round 2. I need you!

That's it for today - I've got some great places in the cue to tell you about...new post coming tomorrow!

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