FoodBuzz Project Food Blog - CHALLENGE #1

Hey all you Food Hussy readers - I'm participating in the FoodBuzz Project Food Blog Challenge because I want to be the next food blogging star! Can I do it? With you by my side - HELLS YEAH!

Each round - we have a challenge and then the judges pick a certain number of contestants to move to the next round. First up - I just have to talk about myself - not too hard! The official challenge is to write about what defines me as a food blogger.

What defines the Food Hussy? Let's start with my blog name. I've always loved the word "hussy". It's just fun to say! So I took the word on as my own and started calling all my girlfriends "hussies". I love the episode of The Office when Pam says about Angela, "I don't want anyone that called me a hussy at my wedding." That was a must on my invite list!

Flash forward a few years to 2008 - I was reading all the food blogs here in Cincinnati and decided I wanted to start my own. I eat out a lot and decided that would be my thing... I started my blog and had to come up with a name - it was going to be about Food and I'm a Hussy - thus - the Food Hussy was born!

What makes my blog unique? I think I'm just a fun ordinary person that tells it like it is. Some bloggers only write about non-chain restaurants. Some only write about fancy places. Some only write positive reviews. I write about all of it. Positive, negative - chain, non-chain, hole-in-the-wall, fancy.

Oddly enough - my first couple of blogs didn't have pictures - now it's what I pride myself on. My favorite pics are the mouth-watering ones. Here's my absolute favorite food picture I've ever taken:

That's a bacon cheeseburger from the now-famous Terry's Turf Club in Linwood. Look at that burger! To me - it's pure indulgence. If I printed that picture - I'd likely eat it.

Here's my other favorite picture:

This is island style ahi tuna poke from the now-defunct Aqua in Mt. Lookout. I love this picture because this is most definitely one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten in my life! I'm not big on hunks of raw fish and I wasn't really planning on eating any of it. My friend ordered it and I reluctantly tried a bite. After one bite, I tried to attack anybody that even got near it! It was amazing! The plaintains, the tuna, the sauce - it was salty and sweet and just freaking decadent!

I love that food experience because it's something I didn't want to try and then loved it! How fun is that?! It seems I'm always on the hunt for the next poke! What is the next dish that I'm going to fall over myself to get more of?

So that's my quest - find the next amazing thing that you need to try! Because this Food Buzz Challenge also involves cooking - I'm ready for that too!

Cooking is something I grew up doing - but if was never fancy. We were a Hamburger Helper Household. Dad worked and I came home everyday from school and made dinner. When I was single - I didn't cook much. It was easier to eat out then cook meals for one.

But now - I'm a newlywed!

Being a newlywed - we now have 2 mouths to feed. That makes eating out less appealing when the bill doubles! Thus - I'm actually looking forward to cooking at home more. We got married last weekend but weren't able to take a honeymoon. So now - that's our mission - save $$ for a fantastic beach honeymoon!

Cooking at home also has another benefit - it can be healthier! As you can see - my husband is gorgeous (I'm a little biased). I'd like to get back in shape and I think that cooking at home and controlling the ingredients a bit more will definitely help me on that mission.

So there you have it - you now know a little more about The Food Hussy and why I do what I do. I hope you'll vote for me in the FoodBuzz Project Food Blog Challenge! There will be more information about voting on Monday Sept 20!

Here's hoping I make it to Round 2!


  1. I came to check out the competition. You look strong. Good Luck. GREG

  2. Congratulations on your 2 leaps -- getting married and entering the challenge. Good luck!

  3. Came to your blog through a comment on mine - like you, I had to check out the competition! When you said you were recently married, I didn't realize HOW recent!! Congrats again, and best of luck :)

  4. Love the post and your attitude! I just gave you a vote! You can check out my entry here: Thanks and Good Luck!

  5. That cheeseburger looks amazing. You've got our vote. Excited to see what's in store for week two!

    Lick My Spoon

  6. Just found you randomly on PFB and thought you had such a fun post. Congratulations on your new marriage and best of luck on PFB!