Giveaway Day!

That's right - it's time for the last giveaway for a while. This time we've got sort of a "gift pack" for 4 lucky readers! (I'm up for more giveaways - just waiting for people to offer up some good stuff!)

First up - 1 free package of bread or rolls from Klosterman Bakery. They have lots of great bread products and you can even find them at UDF. They have some new products out like 1/2 loaves and tried and true products like the Cincinnati Rye.

Added to the gift pack will be 2 free burritos from evol burritos! This company was started by a former Survivor contestant (I'm a sucker for reality tv) and if you'll notice - evol is love spelled backwards. Brendan was also the founder of the Bear Naked Granola.

These guys are big on green, natural and organic...and you can find them at quite a few stores around Cincinnati. They have a handy-dandy store finder as well - I'd head to the more organic stores to find a better selection.

I would recommended not cooking these frozen burritos in the microwave. They have a few recommendations listed on their website even!

So there you have it - 4 readers will win 2 burritos and a loaf of bread. All you have to do to enter is comment below and tell me how awesome I looked on my wedding day this past Sunday. (Yeah - that's it!) Also PLEASE PUT YOUR EMAIL OR TWITTER ACCT SO I CAN CONTACT YOU IF YOU WIN!!!!!!

I mean - come on - we look awesome!

There will also be a few non-food blog posts coming up to share all the great details from my wedding - but there will also be food ones too! We had cupcakes, awesome food and a great stay at a B&B! So many blogs to write!!!!!

Contest winners will be posted next Wednesday!


  1. You are truly a beautiful bride, aside from the giveaways!! :)

  2. Congratulations gurl! Y'all look gorgeous! ;)

  3. Congratulations! You both amazing!


  4. Congrats. And I love, love, love that floral broach on your dress! Too pretty.

  5. You looked awesome. Can I win now?

  6. Congrats! We're coming up on 1 year ourselves

  7. Congratulations you look beautiful! Nothing like a bride on her wedding day! and the cupcakes looked awesome, too!

  8. You two are a beautiful couple!! You look very happy :-)