Hittin Up Da Pub

Working in NKY, my coworkers and I often frequent the Crestview Hills area for dining - there's just a lot more over there than on Buttermilk and it's really close.

Friday is typically Pub-day where the part of the gang goes to The Pub at Crestview Hills. The Pub is a small chain with 9 locations in OH, KY and FL. They're also under the same group as deSha's, Nicholson's and The Polo Grille.

  It's a pretty big location and you can't miss it since it's right in the middle of the main entry to Crestview Hills Town Center.

I must say they have the best sweet tea I've had in Cincinnati. It's a special tea that they brew and it's delicious. Unfortunately I have no memory of what it is - even though she told me!

  I got the Goat Cheese and Red Pepper Burger * $9.25. The burger was just okay - the goat cheese wasn't very goat cheesy and the burger just wasn't to great. The side on the other hand - was fantastic! Sweet potato fries and a fried pickle! Love it - I'll go back just for that!

I was with coworkers and they go wings...didn't taste them but they didn't look too fantastic. 

Another coworker got the Shepherd's Pie Pizza - he really liked it. I might try the pizza some other time - but man - it's hard to pass up the Sweet Potato Fries & Fried Pickle!

Why Should You Go? It's a chain - but not a big one. Really the reason to go to the Pub is for the beer. The food is pretty good so I'm sure I'll be back. But I won't get the burger again.

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  1. And of course today they are offering a deal on LivingSocial deals for $50 worth of food for only $25. If you are wanting to go back :)