Wedding Day Food Fabulousness!

Okay - not really sure if Fabulousness is a word - but I made it one for today! I got married a little over a week ago and wanted to share with you a few things about the wedding day - first - the food!

As the Food Hussy - I knew when I got married I only needed 3 things: cute boy (check), pretty dress (check) and FANTASTIC food (CHECK!).

So here's the rundown of what we had...

First - Cakes by Chris & Dani! Although this was dessert - they were set up first and they were sooooo amazing! I worked with Chris at my last company and he would always bring cupcakes in. I was lucky enough to sit next to him and I said, "If I ever get married - you're making the cupcakes!" Then a year or two later - I GOT MARRIED!

I love Chris's strawberry cupcakes so those were a must-have. That's all on the bottom tier with pink & blue frosting to match our colors. Then he told me about these chocolate peanut butter heaven cupcakes...he said I had to have them. Thank God I did! They were chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter filling and then chocolate ganache and broken peanut butter cups on top. Yeah - those were gone in about 3 minutes!

It was a bit of a cupcake war - people were trying to be polite and wait to take cake until I gave the okay. Once I said "ok" to one person - the people attacked the platter like they'd never seen food before! I was smart enough to put one of each away for myself before the festivities began.

The cupcakes were amazing and I'm so glad I was able to have a good friend participate!

(Personalized painting came from Etsy)

Next up - the real food! Matt from Virgils was my pick. I really did NOT want a traditional caterer and I did want someone from a local restaurant. I narrowed it down to a few choices but Matt won me over pretty quickly!

I knew we wanted just appetizers - combine that with a vegetarian friend and an egg-allergic fiance to contend with.

Matt was fantastic! He was flexible on the menu and completely took care of everything for me! He provided the plates, flatware and even a freshly-made berry iced tea!

The ribs were definitely a hit - I got to try a nibble of them and was in love!

A wonderful spread of heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzerella - delish!

There was also a lot of cheese - can't go wrong there!

We had these great pinwheels too! Some were vegetarian and others had smoked salmon in them! So fresh! I definitely snagged a few of these before they were gone!

You can't go wrong with fresh fruit and then Matt had such a great presentation style as well. He arrived while I was getting ready and then finished the layout while we were up the hill at the ceremony. We came in to beautiful food and a happy crowd!

Mini-panini sandwiches were a huge hit! There were Reubens among others...I was busy dancing and socializing and didn't get to try near enough of everything. But everybody kept going back for more and there were definitely plenty members of the "clean plate club"!

I did manage to snag a few olives here and there - tangy and delicious!

The big hit - not surprisingly - was the Mini Mac & Cheese cups (some with bacon and some without). These went so fast - and I made sure to grab one pretty early on. So glad I did - it was creamy and rich but not too heavy. I'm a Mac & Cheese addict and this was perfection in a cup!

There was also a ton of delightfully seasoned shrimp with individual cups of cocktail sauce (not shown). Larry is a shrimpaholic and I think he ate half this plate shown on his own. So appreciate that the tails were removed as well! It makes for much easier eating when dancing to Pitbull!

All in all - I couldn't have been happier with my catering choice. Matt was responsive and flexible and so friendly. He even came out and went through the selections with the vegetarian to be sure she knew what was for her. And for my hubby - there was only 1 item with eggs and we were told right off the bat. Virgil's Cafe in Bellevue is my new favorite place in Cincinnati!!!!

Lastly - since Larry is allergic to eggs - we had a grooms pie! It was a Hershey's Chocolate Creme Pie made by Edwards Desserts. We discovered this at Burger King and then found whole pie versions for sale at Meijer and Biggs. w00t!

The kitty cat cake toppers (of course I had to) are also from Etsy.

So that sums up the wedding food for The Food Hussy! I would encourage all brides to think outside the box when planning their wedding! Find friends that have special talents (can't forget Jen Reed she took all the photos - amazing!) and enjoy the day!

And yes - we did boogie down!

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  1. The food was so good that I had trouble taking photos before it vanished :-)

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