Wedding Night Dining

I'm trying to balance the wedding posts with food posts - so bear with me! Also - please note - I've added a poll to the left so you can help me pick where to go next! Also - at the bottom of the page is a link to my Walk Like MADD page - it's a great cause and very dear to my heart. Okay - onto the real content - food!

Speaking of dear to my heart - that's us on our wedding night! We checked in at the B&B down the street (blog to come) and then I realized how little of the fantastic food at my wedding that I had actually gotten to eat! So after opening our gifts we went to watch a little football and grab a quick bite.

Since we were staying in Bellevue we decided to head down to Arnie's on the Levee. I'd never been so we could eat, watch football and get more blog material.

We started out with the fresh chips, salsa & queso appetizer ($5.79). Larry totally said he wasn't hungry - but I knew he'd eat...and it was pretty good. I was pretty  much just in the mood for queso and liked it quite a bit.

My entree came with a side salad first - pretty generous size - standard fare and good ranch...I wasn't that hungry so just tasted tidbits and let it go. All in all - fine...

I  ordered the Fettucini Alfredo ($9.99) - you can also add chicken or shrimp but I just wanted it naked that night (insert wedding night joke here). I didn't even touch the bread - handed that off to the hubby right off the bat. The fettucini was really good. (Sorry for the blurry picture - some places are easier than others to get good pictures in.) It was creamy and flavorful and surprisingly not too heavy. I mean - it was fettucini alfredo - so it was heavy but not "sit in your stomach and make you feel like crap" heavy. I've watched too many Gordon Ramsey shows so the fluffs of parsley and parmesan around the plate annoy me now that I look at the photo - but all in all - I really enjoyed the dish.

The bartender/waitress welcomed us and said "how are you guys doing?!" When we replied that we'd just gotten married - she was shocked - she hadn't heard that before! Hey - we like to be original.

Why Should You Go? The reviews on Urbanspoon are pretty mixed but we enjoyed it a lot. The bartender was really friendly and the food was good. I also follow them on Twitter and they seem to advertise a lot of good lunch specials - so if you're near the Levee - you might wanna check them out.

(And PS - Blogger: I HATE your new editor. Why did I click "Try This"?????? AAAAACK!)

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  1. I think I have been here pre-blogging days. Congrats again on your wedding! You guys are cute together :)