Gas Light Cafe Review - Pleasant Ridge OH

The Gas Light Cafe in Pleasant Ridge was named the #4 Best Burger in Cincinnati Magazine earlier this year. Now - while I like the Gas Light - I wasn't sure it was really #4! Thus - I had to go back...

Larry had never been - we tried to go one night but they were having a bad night service-wise and we headed to Molly Malones instead. Gas Light is on Montgomery Rd and right across the street from Molly's.

They don't have a website - so here's a quick peek at their menu...pretty basic stuff. They have waffle fries though - woohoo!

The decor has a lot of old pictures - quite a few of Pete Rose. They also have these old booths with mirrors - they're definitely original to the place. There we are - anticipating our dinner...

Larry wasn't hungry since he'd eaten not too long before this - so he only got vegetable soup. I'm pretty sure it was canned.

I got a bacon cheeseburger and waffle fries. The fries - great as always. The burger - well it was burned and not very good. Like really not good. So the Cincinnati Magazine folks definitely must have had a better burger than this one!

Why Should You Go? Well - it's an institution in Pleasant Ridge - so if you live there - you should most definitely go. It's a decent pub burger - and the waffle fries are great. I really like the tuna melt too. The bar staff is pretty friendly and it's definitely a neighborhood hangout. I think Quatman's is far better for a burger...but I still have a special place in my belly/heart for Gas Light.

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