Barleycorn's on Buttermilk...not much else to say

I'm still exploring all of the places to eat near the Buttermilk exit now that I'm in a new job. One place I knew about but have never frequented is Barleycorn's. They have a few locations and one is just off Buttermilk on Dixie Highway - so it's really close by.

They also have this new special going on of Free Chicken Wednesday. It is what it sounds like - any chicken sandwich (not chicken salad we've found out) is free! They have probably 6 different chicken sandwiches so it's a pretty good deal! Fries are like a buck - so if you have water - your tab is very cheap!

We weren't there on a Wednesday - so went for regular menu options. I had the Reuben. It was pretty good - not the best ever - but average. It came with potato pancakes - they were okay - but pale in comparison to someplace like Izzy's.
They also have a special of 1/2 sandwich and soup - their website is kinda bad - doesn't mirror the actual menu very well - so I can't tell you what it costs or what your options are - but here's a picture at least of what you get! The soup is a big portion and both folks that got this option liked the sandwiches "okay". The soup was some sort of cheesy chicken something. Both guys that got it had mixed reviews on it...

Someone else got a giant burger and he liked it just fine - seems like there's a lot going on there...

Why Should You Go? I'd say - Free Chicken Wednesday is a good reason. Go on a Wednesday - try the sandwich and see if it makes you want to come back. The patio is very big and nice - I'll give them that. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. Just average.

(Side note - I've got a head cold and am on all sorts of medication - Barleycorns was a bit boring - and I'm in a fog. haha)

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  1. Service is fair, food is overpriced and has an institution type of taste, pre-frozen and blah.