Breakfast in Reading!

I love my Larry. He drives to work every day at 5am - ugh! And on his drive - he took the time to notice a restaurant we haven't been to! Yeah!

Last weekend we were hungry for breakfast - I didn't want McD and he didn't feel like spending a lot of $$. So we decided to try Lucy's in Reading...

I was fascinated by the drop ceiling. The place has authentic old high ceilings but they hung these odd drop ceilings from them for lighting. And then it's track lighting with horrible brassy fixtures hanging down! The decor is definitely NOT a reason to visit! haha

Larry got 1/2 order of biscuits & gravy, bacon, sausage and toast. Yes - bacon & sausage - he's a growing boy. Overall it was fine. The b&g were not as good as Bluebird but not as bad as some we've had.

I got an omelet with sausage and toast. The omelet was really good - lots of good stuff inside and it was juicy. I really enjoyed it. The sausage was pretty good (not as good as Bluebird again) but definitely bad for you - which is something I enjoy.

The bill for us was $17 - not too bad. (We each had something to drink as well.)

Why Should You Go? Well the decor is pretty bad - makes me think of a place Gordon Ramsey would come in and make fun of. But the service is friendly and the food pretty good! It's affordable and quick. All in all - we still like Bluebird in Norwood better - but this is nice for a change.

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  1. Not all of us gay guys are good interior designers, but how about all those festive Christmas lights?