GIVEAWAY DAY!!!! Michael Psilakis Cookbook!

A couple weeks ago I went to the Buick Discovery Tour at Cincinnati State in Clifton. We discovered road food, mixology and cuisine! I was lucky enough to meet Chef Michael Psilakis during the day.

He has plenty of accolades and is one of the few Greek chefs to be so celebrated. His goal is to make Greek "peasant" food a little fancier and he does it well!

We were also lucky enough to get autographed copies of Michael's cookbook, How to Roast a Lamb! Now I'm always thinking about you guys - so here you go - I'm giving away a copy (thanks to the folks at the Buick Discovery Tour for an extra copy!).

With the sad news today that Mythos is closing - I'm glad to be passing along more Greek food to someone in Cincinnati!


To enter - post your favorite Greek food or restaurant ALONG WITH A WAY TO CONTACT YOU!!!! (email, twitter, SOMETHING!) Whether you like hummus or gyros, Sebastians or Mythos - let me know! (hey that rhymed)

I'll draw the winner with the help of the Random Number Generator next Wednesday, Oct 27!

If you tweet the giveaway - then post here that you did - you get an extra entry! Here's the tweet:

Enter the @foodhussy contest for Michael Psilakis' cookbook How to Roast a Lamb!


  1. My favorite greek food: Pastitsio! So good! I also tweeted! Email:

  2. jaquesra tweet entry (just adding in - helps for my random number generator!

  3. Saganaki. And the only place to eat Greek food around here is the Greek Festival each year as far as I'm concerned.


  4. I love a good gyro! @monkeetrouble7

  5. Because we're both good cooks (and yes I'm blushing with modesty), when we eat out its ethnic. We have two favorite Greek/Mediterranean places: It's Greek to Me and Marina's, both in Minneapolis. Gyros are above excellent at both places! email:

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  7. I'm a big fan of good, fresh tabbouli! Locally, I really like gyro's from Areti's, much because of how fresh their veggies and such are!


  8. I'm all about the hummus and feta assortment at Mediterranean Imports @ Findlay Market. Mmmmm . . . so good.


  9. A tie between pastisio and baklava! (wow, probably spelled both wrong!)

  10. Definitely a Gyro from a street vendor in New York! the absoulte best especially with hot sauce....By the Way LOVE your blog.....


  11. My favorite greek food: Gyros.
    Thanks for the chance!
    ricettebarbare at gmail dot com

  12. I love some good hummus & tabouli!


  13. I really like dolmades, and one of my favorite places to obtain these fairly locally is a place called Cafe Rakka which was also featured on Food Network.
    ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

  14. Hi! Love your blog. My favorite greek food is moussakka (sp?)

    you can contact me at my twitter @lsinclair

    Also, I tweeted this!