Indian Buffet = Happy Day!

One new place I found on my Buttermilk Pike dining quest is an Indian Buffet!!! Thank goodness! Guru India is near the Outback/Staples off the exit.

As most Indian buffets - it's in a strip mall...nearby is the new location of It's Just Crepes as well - tried that out last week - still awesome!

Typical buffet stuff - naan, curry, basmati rice from the heavens, saag, etc...

Tandoori, masala and my favorite - mater! Now it wasn't Mushroom - but the Chicken is fine too.  And who can forget those little bites of crunchy battered veggies - never remember the name - but I am addicted to them.

They also have the "salad bar" with desserts - I'm not too big on venturing into new things in the world of Indian food - so I typically pass right by this. Any of you?

So yes - here's my plate - Mater, naan, veggie crunchy things, a little saag (although I prefer the saag paneer) and then a pastry thing. It was empty - thought it might be filled with some goodness - that said - didn't much see the point in it - I prefer the naan.

Why Should You Go? Well - it's an Indian buffet and I've heard it's owned the relatives of the Ambar/Baba/Kanak groups - so it tastes like that. If you like that - you'll like this. Price for buffet & drink was $11.

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  1. I think the crunch veggie things you're talking about are pakora. They're fried and delicious?

    Indian desserts= delicious. They're usually just butter and sugar, so can't go wrong.