Recipe Time! Peanutty Turkey with Noodles

We're going to start the week off with a recipe! I was cruising through Meijer and at the meat counter saw the Laura's Lean Beef recipe for Spicy Beef Noodles and decided to give it a try. 

I picked this recipe because Larry had a peanut sauce one time and liked it - so I thought this might be good too. It was really easy to make (pretty mandatory for me) - although I had a few substitutions. I used ground turkey instead of beef, didn't have ginger (cuz I don't like it) and didn't use the red pepper flakes since Larry's  not a big spicy fan. So it was sort of Peanutty Turkey Noodles instead of Spicy Beef Noodles. 

 Here's the finished product - in the pan at least. 

It was very very peanut buttery - the dog was drooling just at the smell! Larry liked it quite a bit and took the leftovers to work (unheard of in our household) - I wasn't such a big fan. But it actually tasted a little better reheated to me - so in the end it was fine. 

Why Should You Make It: Well - if you like peanut sauces - go for it. I think if I were to make it again (which I probably won't) I'd definitely add the red pepper flakes next time - it needs something to counteract all that peanut butter. Also the green onions at the end were a must - needs the crunch. Watch the sauce too - it gets soaked up into the ground beef pretty quickly - and then it's harder to really mix into the noodles. I might also add more liquids next time to make it a little saucier! Okay - maybe I will make it again.

Also - I had a poll on the page about where should I go next! Jean-Robert's Table won with 18 votes to Arthur's 15 votes. So the hubby and I have a date with Jean Robert & Jackass 3D in a couple of weeks! Woohoo! That seriously could be my ideal date - awesome food and fart jokes - all in one night! I'll also be visiting Arthur's since I bought the Groupon there a while back. We all win! 

New poll to come soon! Thanks for voting!!!!

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  1. What a creative dish. Sounds delicious. Noodles with anything are my fave. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I appreciate it very much (=