Spicy Chicken Nuggets - for free!

I got the invite for Free Spicy Chicken Nuggets from Chick-fil-A and couldn't pass that up! I had the free spicy chicken sandwich downtown in June - this time I headed out to the Florence location.

I have to say - the Florence location didn't put on as good a spread as downtown. Downtown we had a separate eating area, extra special spicy sauces & toppings - and we got free fries as well! In Florence - we got a free drink and nothing else. They are a very busy location though with no extra space to spare.

Chick-fil-A hands down has the best fast food chicken in town - it's juicy and tender and just awesome. The nuggets - well - they weren't quite as spicy as the sandwich but they were fine. The real find was the Chick-fil-A sauce - it's my new favorite!!!! It even has its own fan page on Facebook! This stuff is like honey mustard and bbq sauce combined - damn good!

Why Should You Go? Well - it's Chick-fil-A - you've likely had it so you know if you want to go back. The spicy nuggets are far better than Wendys - because they're real chicken.

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  1. how did you get the invite... I am signed up for their emails but didn't get this!

  2. This place is awful how could any self respecting food critic really like it.

  3. Vicki - Not sure - I'm just on the email list of some PR group...

    Anonymous - ugh - really? You've never eaten fast food? I'm betting even Anthony Freakin Bourdain grabs a Big Mac once in a while. Get off your high horse!

  4. how can you not like chick fil a?! i guess you only eat at high end places?

  5. Downtown didn't give any extras this time either so no fault on the Florence location. :)