Brewberry Breakfast!

I was headed to work the "back way" via Dixie Highway and was starving! STAR. VING. There aren't any junk fast food places on this route and then I spotted Brewberry Coffee (corner of Dixie & Buttermilk) and thought - they must have SOMETHING to eat!

And they did! 

First I spotted cupcakes - and who doesn't love cupcakes. This was going to be my breakfast - healthy right?

But then I saw this! A giant cinnamon roll! w00t!

Decisions, decisions! So I got both!

The cupcake was good - not decadent or amazing like Abby Girl - but a nice afternoon treat. The cinnamon roll was really great and I'd definitely get that again.

They also have lunch offerings - not much - but I think it was chicken salad and a bag of chips or something like that. Just a couple choices - but still something different! I'll have to get out and try that too.

Why Should You Go? Well - I'm not a coffee drinker - but they have that too. It's a very cute little shop and I love finding these hidden spots. Plus the cinnamon roll kicked ass.

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  1. I just passed this location yesterday and they are out of business.