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You see - I upload pictures in batches each week - then I write the reviews every day or two and sometimes with this process - I miss one. Tragedy! So here's an old review I forgot to write - I do actually remember it fairly well - mainly because it was on a road trip.

The Beef House! We were heading back home earlier this year and were starving. In my quest to never eat a chain on a road trip - we came across the Beef House. How can you go wrong there?

It's in Covington, Indiana - which is really in the middle of nowhere off I-74. It's midway between Indianapolis & Champaign, IL if that helps. 

It was a Sunday and they had a buffet - we were starving so we went for it. I was completely ill now that I'm thinking back so I went for all mushy comfort foods. I can't remember why I was sick - but I was down for the count.

See - mashed potatoes and casserole - mushy comfort foods. I remember the rolls were fantastic! The corn was really good too - might have been from a local source rather than a can. The casserole was something with chicken and it was awful - like I only ate 2 bites AWFUL!

Larry was fine with what he got - but not too impressed.

They also had about a hundred pieces of pie up for dessert - and even when I'm sick - I'll eat dessert! I should have just had this! No idea what the name of it was - but chocolate, coconut and sweet topping - how can you go wrong?

Why Should You Go? Probably shouldn't. It's 3 hours away and wasn't that good - plus it was like $20 each for the buffet! See - even though it was a while back - I remember things. It was an old people joint - but just not that good. Homers on Reading is much better and closer!

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