Ugh...thank God they didn't hula hoop

I'm in kind of a crappy mood - so I figure it's a good day to write a crappy review. Yes - right off the bat - I didn't like it. What didn't I like?

Here's the one thing that was nice - the view. They have a great deck. It was too cold for us this day - but it is a great view.

I didn't choose to go here - but coworkers did so I thought I'd give it a whirl for the sake of the blog. There are no shots of the "girls" - didn't feel it was necessary and didn't want to be a creepy person photographing them either. Their scrunchy socks do amaze me. Thankfully there was no hula hooping or things of that nature. 

Curly fries with cheese dip - nothing to write home about. No seasoning, nacho cheese velveeta, bleh. 

I got an order of boneless wings with mild sauce - wasn't sure how hot anything was. It was fried chicken tenders with about 2 drops of sauce on the bottom of the dish.

The chicken was fine - for fried chicken pieces. There was no flavor on them at all. And there wasn't even enough sauce to dip them in. I tried rolling them around - nope. Then I asked for a side of medium sauce - since the mild was like orange water. That made it worse. They brought me a cup of gloppy "sauce" about the consistency of peanut butter and it tasted like it might have gone bad. It definitely wasn't pourable. I tried 2 bites with that and left it.

I've heard for YEARS about their wings - maybe the problem is that I got the boneless - but I was not impressed at all. Kind of repulsed actually.

A coworker got the Grilled Chicken Pasta Salad and really enjoyed it. She said it's what she always gets. It looked fine and she loves it.

Another coworker got the fried pickles - they're chips not spears - and they were pretty good.

Why Should You Go? Don't - unless you like boobs.

You know Hooters has an owl - we decided we should start a chain called Cocks with a big rooster for the mascot. What do ya think? Anybody with me. I think it's a gold mine! 

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  1. "Boneless wings" aren't wings. They're just breaded chicken breasts.

  2. I'll go to Cocks when you open one :)

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