Uninspired post...but at least there are pictures.

I'm feeling a bit uninspired today. I typically write the posts a week or so after the actual visit just because of my schedule. None of this stands out based on my memories but I know that I'll definitely be back...so on that note - let's start the show (too much Project Runway). 

On the quest for food in NKY - we recently headed over to Abuelo's in Erlanger (Crestview Hills).

It's the first thing you see when you pull in - right across from The Pub. 

First up chips & salsa - standard...nothing special. 

I got the lunch enchiladas ($7.79) with refried beans & rice. You can also get potatoes in lieu of the rice. I also asked for queso instead of the red enchilada sauce. The queso is really cheesy and rich and was good. It's not amazing Mexican food but I do like it. It's better than Don Pablos and the atmosphere is nicer than most of the El Rancho Grande types. The rice was pretty flavorless and the beans were fine...

Coworker got a chimichanga ($6.99) and ate it up. Again - didn't try a bite but it didn't look much different than mine obviously.

Why Should You Go? Like I said, it's better than Don Pablos and nicer than many other Mexican places. I'll definitely be back. Especially since Margaritas over in this area closed down. Any other good choices in the area that I should know about?

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