Woohoo P-Ridge!

I have to do a quickie blog today to share some great news for my neighborhood, Pleasant Ridge!

Recently the Cincinnati City Council approved a community-led proposal to designate Pleasant Ridge as a Community Entertainment District. This is a city and statewide designation. Ohio’s Community Entertainment District designation was designed (among other things) as a revitalization tool that allows a community new liquor licenses within designated boundaries. Basically - it can save a business owner thousands of dollars which will hopefully entice them to start their business in our neighborhood. 

There are 3 other CED's in Hamilton County - but those are all associated with new development. This is the first to be established in a current neighborhood. 

We already have great dining options in Pleasant Ridge:
Hopefully - this designation will open the door for even more! 

And if you're not familiar with where Pleasant Ridge is - it's SO easy to get to. It's off the Ridge exit on I-71 or if you're familiar with Montgomery Road - it's between Norwood and Kenwood.

The location factor is actually why I bought my house there. I lived in Hyde Park/Mt. Lookout my first two years in Cincinnati and while nice - it was soooo expensive! I'm going to pick on some friends here - but they bought a house in East Hyde Park that is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom with no garage or driveway for $210K. I bought my 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with a 2 car (tandem) garage for $147K! And how far am I from them? SEVEN minutes! I'll drive that to save $60K! Well that and I couldn't afford $210K...

So yeah for Pleasant Ridge! And if you haven't been - make sure to stop by and check out the current restaurants and keep your eye out for even more!

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  1. Aw, hooray! I loved P-Ridge when I lived across the River (NoKY dweller now) and would totes live there over HP any time. I still haul ass over there to get my hurr did. Glad to see it's finally getting the respect it deserves.