Fairfield-bound! Rick's Tavern & Grille

My hubby's family is up in the Fairfield/Hamilton area so we're getting quite familiar with the drive and Route 4 (which I love!). On the first snow of 2010 - we headed up for a visit but needed to get some lunch first. Larry took me to Rick's Tavern & Grille - which was one of his favorites when he lived up there.

It's your average bar & grill - lots of tvs and I guess they have a dance floor area at night. It was crappy weather so it wasn't too busy but the staff was ready and waiting for us.

First I ordered a cup of the white chicken chili (picture wouldn't upload - argh). It was delicious!!! ($3.99) I was freezing cold from the snow and this was a great way to warm up. There was a lot of flavor and the tortilla strips were a great crunch addition. I definitely would get this again!

I was in an odd mood and got the grilled cheese with bacon ($6.29) - it was just a grilled cheese kind of day. This was great as usual. I'm not much of a fan of the cheap chips that a lot of places provide - but the soup had me pretty full so I just ignored them for the most part. The pickle was huge and very tasty too.

Larry went for the turkey club ($6.29) and it looked fine. I never think club sandwiches have much flavor so I avoid them at all costs. But the husband was happy and that's all a girl can ask for!

Why Should You Go? While it's nothing earth-shattering - if you're in the area - it's a good stop. The food is good and the staff is friendly. I do hear it's hoppin on Friday & Saturday nights if you're up there and looking for that as well.

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  1. You HAVE to try Acapulco's next door - they are the BEST mexican in Cincinnati!

  2. I've heard that and tried to talk my husband into going but he wasn't in the mood for Mexican (didn't know that was possible). Next time for sure!