Flip Who?

Finally! Yes FINALLY! We got to Flipdaddy's in Mariemont!
We had driven by quite a few times but it was usually right after we had eaten somewhere else...this time we were in the vicinity and hungry- SUCCESS! It was a Sunday and probably around 11:30am or so - pretty busy!

Who doesn't love Underdog? The wall is dedicated to underdogs in history - pretty fun stuff. 

Larry got the Asian Fusion Burger: Teriyaki sauce, grilled pineapple, red and yellow peppers and lettuce situated atop our proprietary beef blend. ($8.99) He's a sucker for pineapple so I knew that's what he'd order. And he definitely liked it! The fries were good too - a nice seasoning on them - some were crispy and some were bendable - just the way I like em!

I went for the El Paso: Topped with roasted red peppers, freshly made corn salsa, lettuce, queso cheese and piquant chipotle mayonnaise. ($8.99) Again - happy customer (see below for more details). I also went with onion rings - they were delicious and HUGE! Neither of us were incredibly starving so we had some fries & rings leftover...but they were very good.

I was also surprised to find out they have a Brunch menu called Kegs & Eggs. It's shown above and looked pretty enticing as well. But - I had to have a burger before I tried anything else!

Why Should You Go? Well I decided to hold the real review of the burger for this area because it's the main reason I went. It is a pretty damn good burger - definitely tasted like someone made the patty (i.e. not frozen). Although it wasn't a very large patty in itself - the really great toppings made it very very filling. I love the uniqueness of the toppings and the pre-defined combinations they have put together. If I want to eat a hamburger and really taste the cow - then I go to Terry's. But more often than not - I'd rather go some place like Flipdaddy's where the toppings are unique and fun and it's a bit more convenient to get in and out any old time I'm hungry.

All in all - we both really liked Flipdaddy's and it really was for the toppings. I can get a simple burger I love just down the street at Quatman's but when you want something a little more complicated - this is a great spot!

Also - the service was really good for as busy as they were. They were a bit stunned this day by the amount of traffic for a Sunday morning and a few folks were bitchy with them. I thought the team took it in stride and did a great job. It was a little slow - but completely understandable.

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  1. Glad you liked it, we did too. don't forget the beer selection! It's a lot more than your standard, bud, bud light and blue moon. It deserves mentioning. Though if it was Sunday they may not have had the lists out.

  2. My husband and I finally got to try FlipDaddy's a few weeks ago. We have also been to Terry's Turf Club but I loved the burget at FlipDaddy's simply because it was edible and delicious. The burger at Terry's is a little to much! I also opted for the Mac & Cheese instead of fries and it was so delish. We're actually heading there next Friday for lunch to kick off our 2 week long vacation and sampling a few of the 24 beers that are on draft!

  3. Flipdaddy's isn't in Mariemont, Its In Plainville. Mariemont border actually ends just after the light @ Pochahontas.

  4. Urbanspoon said Mariemont...so I said Mariemont.

  5. Urban spoon actually has a tool now where you can outline a neighborhood not correctly represented on their site and they research it and make it offical. Fairfax and Madisonville are correctly represented now and Plainville is soon to be.