Giveaway Day! $25 to It's Just Crepes!

Working in NKY got a little bit better recently. Why? It's Just Crepes opened a new location on Buttermilk Pike! w00t! I discovered this gem while working downtown and definitely missed it with my work-move to NKY.

The new location has a very similar look and feel to downtown but in a smaller spot. There are probably 7-8 tables. The parking is fine - there's a big lot that always has space. It's nestled between Sweet Basil and Penn Station.

I'm a sucker for watching people cook - so this is fun too. I am always reminded of the window at Happy Joe's Pizza back home. In elementary school, the cool rich kids (i.e. not me) would have their birthday parties there and if you were lucky enough to get the invite - you couldn't wait to perch in front of the window and watch them make the pizzas!


The crepe of the month definitely caught my eye. I typically get the Red Goat (goat cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, red peppers and balsamic truffle sauce) which started out as a monthly special. But this Ultimate Veggie Pizza - well - I had to try it. I mean - it's the ULTIMATE VEGGIE PIZZA!

One bite and I was in love. So here it is - my plea to the IJC ownership. PLEASE ADD THIS TO THE PERMANENT MENU!!!!! I BEG YOU!!!!!

A coworker got the Benedict and loved it.

Why Should You Go? Well I gathered up 8 coworkers - many of whom had never been before. They all said they'd be back! The guys were even surprised at how filling they were - these aren't any old girly crepes! So definitely go back...and if you're might as well enter to win a $25 gift certificate from them right here!!!!


It's Just Crepes has given me a $25 gift certificate to give to one lucky reader of! To enter, please post a comment about what crepe you would like to try from their menu - or if you're creative - what new crepe they should add!

BE SURE TO INCLUDE A WAY TO CONTACT YOU!!!! I throw your entry out if I can't figure out how to get back in touch with you.

And get an extra entry when you tweet or Facebook about the contest. Be sure to come back and post another comment letting me know you did. Here's a post for you:

Enter to win $25 from @itsjustcrepes and @foodhussy! #giveawayday

I'll pick the winner next Tuesday! 

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  1. I'm a big sweet crepe fan, so I have been meaning to try a bunch of theirs. Chocolate covered strawberry sound divine!

    patricia_sue_lee (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

  2. Crap, I've been putting off trying the ultimate veggie pizza all month and today is my last day of work for the year - guess that's where I'm going for lunch! (@missprint95)

  3. I like any of them that happen to have goat cheese on them. I'm more of a savory than sweet fan of the crepes.

    joshrosborne At yahoo Dot Com

  4. Also, count me in for a tweet entry (@joshosbo)!

  5. I sooo want to win this gift card! I have only been to Its Just Crepes once, but it was so wonderful! I was planning on getting the Red Goat, but would have to try the veggie pizza one now!

    betherz_sfa (AT) yahoo (DOT) com


    Beth Franzosa

  6. This is my favorite place. I'm a huge fan of the club crepe with buffalo sauce added to it. I think they should also give the option of avocado!


  7. I also sent a tweet!


  8. Hmm, the chocolate strawberry is my absolute favorite- Thanks :)

  9. I would like to try the Veggie Pizza crepe. My favorite is the Mediterranean, it is delicious.

    mchllgndrm (at) yahoo (dot) com

  10. Mmm a chicken pesto crepe sounds awesome!! I love pesto with chicken and with that inside a crepe... mmmm.

  11. i wanna try a three cheese

  12. Count me in too for an extra entry with twitter!

  13. It would be a toss up between The Florentine and the and the Buffalo. However, with a $25 gift card, I could get a few to mix and match!

  14. I'd like to try the Red Goat, or if it's still there, the Ultimate Veggie Pizza!