New York, NEW YORK!!!

I can't help but sing the name of this restaurant. I've driven by it a million times - it's on Beechmont right in the heart of Mt Washington - the New York, NY Classic Cafe.

We were starving and avoiding chains and this seemed like a good spot. Larry is always wary of small places but he ventured in with me. It's got a gym next door and is right near the Kroger.

Inside it's really cute - immaculately clean as well. There are lots of NYC tchotchkes (side note: spell check thinks that word should be "crotchless" but I did google it and it's spelled correctly) all around the restaurant. The sandwiches are all named after iconic NYC items such as Bronx Bomber and Lady Liberty. (If you click on the photo - it makes it larger and you can see the menu.)

The deli has fresh meats and desserts - they looked pretty darned good!

The soups are all homemade so I decided to try the bean soup. I have to say the flavor was very good - a bit salty - but I like salt. There were lots of herbs that I could taste and the soup definitely tasted great. Unfortunately it was barely warm. We were there right at 11am when they opened and I don't think it was heated up quite yet. I told them after the meal and they apologized...mostly just wanted them to know for future customers. The portion size was quite large as well.

I went for the New York Rueben ($6.75) and chose a side of the potato salad. I'm a Ruebenaholic so I had to try it. It was good - not great. I like mine a little hotter and with more sauce. The bread was good though. The potato salad was the real star - it was DELICIOUS! Pretty sure there was bacon in it and it was crunchy, creamy and not to mayonnaise-y. Definitely will get that again! 

Larry went for the 12" size of the Empire State (turkey, ham & provolone - $7.75). We quickly realized that we should have just got this and shared it. My sandwich was good but his was FANTASTIC! And it was gargantic (that's his word - he made it up: gargantuan + gigantic = gargantic). This sandwich was really good - the ingredients seem really simple but the crusty bread and the toppings made it excellent.

Why Should You Go? Although we started off rocky with the nearly-cold soup - they definitely redeemed themselves with the potato salad and his sandwich. We'll definitely be back. Especially in the summer - the Creamy Whip is just a block away!

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  1. I always get annoyed when "New York" themed places have food entirely uncharacteristic of the city. I mean, if I opened a cafe in Vermont called the CIncinnati Cafe and didn't have chili on the menu, people would look at me weird.

  2. Hi - Long time reader here; thanks for running a great blog.

    We live pretty close to NY, NY and have been there a number of times, so that's why I'm saying you've got to give the place another shot. The soup is their strong point. It's some of the best soup I've had in a while. I agree with you about the sandwiches, they can be kind of hit and miss. We've had good luck with the Bronx Bomber. Finally, my wife loves their desserts. I think it's worth at least one more visit.

  3. Ed - yes there were things we didn't love - but overall it was definitely a positive experience and we'll be back.

    Anon - they are a "deli" which is somewhat least loosely :-)

  4. Yes, the place is great! The sides and soups and I believe the salad dressings are all made there and are very good. I really like the Cuban sandwich.

    It is a little bit on the pricey side, especially if you compare it to chain sandwich shops...but the quality makes it worthwhile.

  5. Jeff from MiddletuckyJanuary 2, 2011 at 8:39 PM

    Hmm. Looks interesting, despite the cutesy names (really, just name the ingredients on the sandwich, restaurant people, and put the kibosh on the superfluous cleverness, please?). I'm curious as to which brand of cold cuts the place serves. Maybe Diet & Watson? I couldn't tell from the pics.

  6. I love this place. It is a tad bit expensive - about the same as panera. But quality is way better. NY NY has pretty good salads as well.