NKY's Hidden Gem - Kremer's Market

As you know - I'm now working in Northern Kentucky and frankly, the dining options aren't so hot. I mean - there are some good but a lot of mediocre. A coworker recently told me that he got a sandwich at a place off Buttermilk past the Walgreens. I was shocked! I didn't know there was even anything past the Walgreens!

So I hopped in my car and went on the dining adventure known as Kremer's Market. My old boss lived in Villa Hills so I realized that I have driven past it before - but always just thought it was a grocery store. Never knew they had a menu!!! (that's just their specials - but they have a wall of food options!)

Once inside - I was in love! It's an adorable little grocery store with lots of great finds. The deli - wow - looked fantastic. That's also where you'll find the menu - so many sandwich options. It was hard to choose one!

While my order was being made - I had to wander (camera in hand). They have a great fresh salad bar.

And - desserts from the BonBonerie - can't go wrong there!

The deli also has lots of salads and things like hummus, tabouli and dips...hard to leave here without bags and bags of deliciousness!

Here was my favorite thing ever and what got me  here. My coworker brought in this bag of pretzel bites - one bite and I was IN LIKE FLYNN! They are soft and salty and just freakin amazing! I went 3 days in a row - it was becoming an addiction!

And let me say - I love me some cheese. Like seriously - I have a problem. This was a display I could fall in love with!

And now - my sandwich! Sorry for the blur on the photo - momma needs a new digital camera for Christmas! (Mom, Larry - that's a hint)

I got the Reuben on a pretzel bun - went for the traditional corned beef - although they offered turkey pastrami as well. This was a very round sandwich and very thick. Typically I like my thousand island on the sandwich but the size of this made it easy for dipping. The corned beef was delicious as was the pretzel.

I will definitely be back to Kremer's for more lunches. Actually - pretty damn sure I'm going today! This made me hungry.

Why Should You Go? Well I've been pretty blunt - I love it. I can't believe I worked on this exit for 2 years before and didn't go! I feel like that was 2 years wasted! Derek (coworker that introduced me to it) said they have the best Muffaletta he's ever had. So go now and enjoy!

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  1. Had the Beef & Cheddar today-DELISH!

  2. Kremer's has been around for-ever! I grew up in Villa Hills, and that was our deli and grocery stop on the way home (and that was between 15-20 years back...see how I age myself?). It's a great little oasis in what is otherwise a terrible foodscape in Crescent Springs/Villa Hills, to be sure. Glad you found it!

  3. cheese obsession = murray's cheese @ hyde park kroger

    <3 <3 <3