Wendy's New Fries

As a blogger - I get lots of emails and belong to lots of sites - and I really don't make any money doing this - I lose money! I have to eat out all the time on my own dime. So every once in a while - I get offered something free - and hey - I take it. But I always disclose that it was a gift...and this was.

This week, I went to Wendy's to try their new natural-cut fries thanks to Wendy's & Foodbuzz. They provided me with a gift card for the visit and Larry and I decided to check them out.

Foodbuzz is a pretty fun site - they have thousands of food bloggers across the country that share their recipes and photos with all of us. I really enjoy checking out new recipes and have found some truly amazing stuff (yes - I'm talking about the chocolate bread pudding cupcakes from @saltandchocolat).

But back to Wendys...

Unless you're living under a rock - you've probably heard about Wendy's new fries. They are natural-cut fries with sea salt. Here's a close-up. You can definitely see the potato skins on them - so no doubt they're cut from an actual potato rather than processed with other junk.

They say they're using sea salt now - and I don't mean to be a detective here - but couldn't help notice the big box of salt they used at my area Wendy's. It doesn't mention anything on their site about being "sea salt" - so you decide.

Most importantly - how were they?

Well - I judge all fries against McDonalds. I can't help it - they're the best. These were not as good as McD's but better than their old fries. The main difference is that they were thinner. I actually have had them on 2 occasions and the second time they were a bit overdone and too crispy for my taste.

The salt - well - as I read somewhere else - when I think of sea salt - I think of the crunchy bigger pieces that I get when I use the sea salt grinder I have at my house. This wasn't that - it was fine salt and I couldn't tell a lick of difference between that and table salt.

Really - I think if they were going to make a change - it should have been a drastic one - to something like a Penn Station fry - (peanut oil & real potatoes cut on site). This was a pretty minor change - I would bet half the people wouldn't know they were different if they hadn't been told.

Who knew I could analyze fast food french fries so in-depth? I would say overall - not as good as McD but still better than Burger King - those things are awful!

I also had a chicken club - which I have to say - was pretty good for a fast food sandwich. I'm typically a burger gal but just was in the mood for chicken. It has veggies, bacon and swiss cheese. 

Why Should You Go? Well - if you're thinking of going just to try the new fries - I don't know if I would make the trip - but they do have coupons right now so they're free.All in all though - I do like Wendys - especially the chili!

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  1. Jeff from MiddletuckyDecember 14, 2010 at 4:13 PM

    I tried these a couple weeks ago, and they were dang near inedible because of the heavy handed application of the salt. I mean, seriously, there was enough salt in my one large order of fries to pay a Roman soldier for six months.

    Oh, and you and I are in complete agreement as regards the quality (or lack thereof) of Burger King fries.

  2. I think Burger King fries are definitely better than Wendy's, and at times better than Mcdonald's. Too each his own I guess!