Awesome Lunch in NKY! Miyako - sushi, hibachi + more!

My wonderful friend Tara at the NKY Chamber of Commerce has been bugging me to head to Miyako off Buttermilk Pike in NKY. Well finally - I had a group from work all wanting lunch and talked them into going.

One thing I notice is unique light fixtures - no idea why - I think I have ADD - shiny things catch my attention. These pictures aren't a great representation - but if you go - check them out.

This one I loved - looks very Mr. Roboto-inspired!

Their lunch menu is quite large - you can do anything from the hibachi to sushi to a bento box and lots in between. I chose the sushi lunch but still got soup or salad - good salad.

A couple guys got the bento box ($11) and I was JEALOUS! This comes with sushi, appetizer, entree and rice - all for $11! This is DEFINITELY what I'm getting next time.

Robin was trying out for Price is Right with his hand modeling skills displaying his sushi lunch. He was very pleased.

I went for the sushi roll combo (3 rolls - $12). It was good stuff - I liked the bottom 2 more than the top 1 but for the life of me - can't remember what the top one was.  I tend to like the sushi with the sauces. Their full sushi menu looked fantastic as well - but some of the fancy rolls are in the $12-15 price range.

Why Should You Go? Well I have to say - the sushi options in NKY aren't what they are in the Hyde Park/Mt Lookout area - there you can't turn your head without seeing a sushi place! This is a fantastic option for sushi and the other food. Everybody was happy with their orders and we had a great time. I'm sure the traditional Hibachi grill is fun too. I'm thrilled to have another great place near my job to have lunch! w00t! Thanks Tara!

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  1. Love the shout out! I'm so happy you liked it! And, obviously, I was practicing what I preach, since I saw you there that day. I will dine with you at Miyako anytime!

    P.S. The top roll is tuna avocado. The middle looks like spicy crab. Don't know the other one. :)

  2. Whoa, whoa. NKY has amazing sushi options - largely due (at least peripherally) to Toyota's presence. Miyoshi and Jo An in Florence are far better than any options I know of in Cincinnati.

  3. But in NKY they're out in the middle of nowhere! I'm used to Hyde Park/Mt Lookout where every corner has sushi. That's what I really meant - they're just far apart and not very obvious.

    And I have to say - I went to Jo An once and it was twice the price and I didn't like it near as much as RuThais, Green Papaya, Asiana, etc...

    Tara: the other was unagi - I remember that much!

  4. You really need to understand that what you call "sushi" is a western bastardization of real sushi. You are really getting ripped off by buying these "sushi rolls" when the only "sushi" thing about them is the rice - which is not even made very well at "most" (all) of these places. Most of this stuff you are calling sushi is stuff made by fake itamae from Thailand or not truly trained itamae from Japan. When they start adding sweet teriyaki sauce and also lathering spicy mayonnaise over everything so that one cannot taste what they are eating, you know it is fake. By the way, you commonly mention about how little "flavor" things have - perhaps you should learn to appreciate simplicity like someone who has a sense of taste - when I eat a carrot, I like it to taste like a carrot - a common trend in your posts is to criticize the food simply because it lacks enough flavor - if I were hoping to get a good review from you I guess I should just jam as many different flavor combinations together just enough to confuse you into thinking that the food is good...Oh, and need to make sure that I put a lot on it. Grow up.

  5. Hey - koremanmusic - you can stop reading my blog. Really I don't need that extra click - I'm good.

    I like simple flavors too.

    I've never been to Japan for real sushi - but if you'd like to send me a plane ticket - I'd be happy to go try it!

    Happy Easter!