So I've been doing this Food Hussy thing for over two years now! Pretty crazy!

I decided for 2011 to switch it up a bit and I'm really excited about the tweaks and wanted to share...so here we go!

1. I've given up cheese for 2011. As many of you know - I'm a cheese fan (along with !!! and ranch dressing). This year I'm going to try to live without one of my biggest vices. It should help me lose weight and I feel like throwing this out here publicly will hopefully get me to stick with it even more. You'll call me out if you see cheese on my plate! I have come to an agreement with my watchdog (aka Larry) that I can keep cream cheese and ricotta cheese. They aren't the cheeses I'm addicted to. The verdict is not yet in on goat cheese but I think it's gotta go (this might hurt the worst!).

2. Due to budgetary constraints - I'm going to officially add "Road Trips & Recipes" to my title! Going out to eat 3-5X week can really kill the pocketbook. The recipes will likely be posted at least 1x week and the road trips will be as we go. Some of each are coming up very soon!

3. ABC's of Cincinnati! I've decided that when I do go out - I want to be more targeted. So I'm doing an ABC's of Cincinnati Dining. Every two weeks, I'll dine out at a restaurant from a letter of the alphabet - starting with A and going through Z. Many times, I'll have a poll up asking you to help me choose the restaurant. The first one up (chosen by the Food Hussy Readers Poll) is Andouille in New Richmond and I'll be going this Saturday...so the review will be up next week sometime.

4. Giveaways! This isn't really a change but just a note to say that I'll still be doing giveaways - I have a few lined up now. So as a "thanks" to all of you - there could be cupcakes, bread, salsa and more in your futures.

That should be it - at least at this point. I hope you'll embrace these changes and offer up more and more comments! I love hearing from you on all of my blog posts - even when you don't agree.

I hope we can keep enjoying Cincinnati together in 2011!


  1. what do you mean by you want to be more targeted? Just Curious.

    Good luck with the cheese thing...I'm fairly certain I couldn't do it!


  2. I want to be more focused and planned when going out to eat. I have this wish list on Urbanspoon that I never seem to get to! I figure if I have to go to a place that starts with the letter "H" - I'll have to plan ahead and it won't just be wherever I'm driving by on a whim.

    Make sense?

  3. I don't think I could ever give up cheese! Good luck with that! The alphabet thing is a good way to try a new restaurant! Can't wait to see some recipes too :)