My last bite of cheese in 2010...

Last Friday, my husband and I headed up for a drive in Mt. Adams. Neither of us spend much time up there but it’s really a great place to look at cool houses and walk around. Especially since it was in the 50s on Saturday! After touring the neighborhood a bit, we decided to grab a bite to eat and found Tavern on the Hill.

Larry chose the Tavern Burger with swiss cheese ($7.75) and traded up for the sweet potato fries ($1). He really liked the burger and the fries. I grabbed a quick bite of the fries and they were very sweet-potatoey. Sounds like something obvious but sometimes you can’t even tell that’s what you ordered at places. These were good. Crisp but not overdone. Good batch of fries.

I went for The Western with Grilled Chicken ($8.99) and got the garlic fries! I did like that the regular included fries come in plain, garlic or cajun. The garlic had me hoping they would be as good as the ones at Red Robin. I was not disappointed! The sandwich was really good sized and filling – the chicken was a bit dry in spots but it’s hard for it not to be on the edges when it comes to grilled chicken. The toppings were good but don’t really stand out in my mind. (I’ve given up cheese for 2011 – so this was my last bit of cheese for quite a while!) The garlic fries were great – and they were STRONG! You have to really like garlic to like them.

Why Should You Go? Overall – we had a great time at Tavern on the Hill. It wasn’t busy (I’m sure they were prepping for the BUSY night to come since it was New Years Eve.) The service was great and the food was pretty good for “bar food”. If in the area – it’s a good standard place to go. It’s not fancy or pretentious – it’s just good burgers and fries – and hey – that’s not a bad thing!

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  1. Tavern on the Hill's garlic fries are one of my most favorite things in all of Mt Adams!! yummmm..

  2. Love your blog name! I feel your pain with the sausage in the oven dilemma. I attempted to make "crispy" sweet potato fries last week, resulting in a brief, but quite alarming fire on my stove top. Gotta try that taco soup, it looks really good. Thanks.

  3. Good luck on the no cheese resolution!