Recipe: Potato-Crusted Salmon with Herb Salad (+ organizing tip)

In my quest to cook more, I'm really digging through my magazines and online venues for new recipes. Here's my routine for keeping it all organized:

1. Magazines - Go through magazines immediately and tear out any recipes I like - then pitch the magazine! (Otherwise it sits forever on the table) I bought sheet protectors ($14 for 200) and a couple of binders ($2 each). Then, I take the recipe - put it in a sheet protector and into the binder it goes! I'm up to 2 binders now! It's nice to have everything organized - finally!

2. Online - When I find a recipe I like - I email it to myself with the recipe name in the Subject line. Then I put them all in a mail folder called Recipes. When I'm looking for something or menu planning for the next week - I hit the folder and pick out a couple of items. Then I print them off and take them home. (then sheet protector & binder like above)

Right now my two recipe magazines are Food & Wine (thanks to the Coca Cola points) and Everyday Food (thanks to my friend Danielle - found it at her house and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!).

Finally - onto the recipe!

While perusing Food & Wine, I found this one. We like salmon. We like potatoes. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! (Well Salmon dinner I guess) As always - I have to modify for my lack of preparedness: no chives, regular mustard instead of dijon and iceberg lettuce.

First the potatoes - I just used the frozen Ore-ida hashbrowns (let them thaw in the microwave for the afternoon first). Mix them with a little flour, salt & pepper. I used a little less of everything since the recipe called for 4 - 8 oz salmon and I had 4 - 4 oz pieces.

Here's my salmon - I think it's from Meijer. It's definitely not as good as the "meat counter" but sometimes I need prepackaged and easy.

So I laid out the salmon - salt & pepper each of them - then grab a handful of potatoes and sort of "push" them onto the salmon.

Here was the tough part. There's nothing to bind the potatoes together and you're supposed to put it potato-side down. So really - just making hashbrowns and laying salmon on top - but I tried to keep them together as best I could.

While that was cooking - I made the salad dressing. I never really thought about how easy it is to make dressing! This took like 2 seconds and was really tasty!!!! (lemon juice, mustard, olive oil, salt & pepper)

All I had in the house was iceberg lettuce and some hardboiled eggs - so that was my salad. Tossed the dressing in. It was light and refreshing and still very flavorful! I will definitely do this again...

Here's the final product with my salmon/potatoes. The potatoes were really good and the salmon was fine. I still think that this recipe was missing something. It needed something to hold the potatoes together better (cream cheese maybe) and the whole dish was lacking in acidity. I guess that's what the salad was for but I think next time adding in some veges with the potatoes would be good (mushrooms, peppers) for a texture variety and maybe a little extra salad dressing to drizzle on top or just fresh squeezed lemon.

Overall, I really enjoyed the recipe and it was easy to make. I think with some experimentation - it could get even better! Any other ideas on what to do to zing it up a bit?


  1. Hey!! I love your blog!!! Maybe try brushing some of the dressing on the salmon and then press a thin layer of potatoes on. The dressing may help them stick better and give some more flavor!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. I think a light egg wash might help the potatoes stick a little bit, especially if you squeeze as much water out of the hashbrowns as possible. The chives probably would help the "zing" of the potatoes, too.

    Incidentally, fresh herbs aren't all that expensive and are available in small packages at the grocery store. Or, you could grow your own or used dried herbs instead of fresh.

  3. Can't do the egg wash - I'd kill my husband (he's allergic) - but thanks for the thought! haha

    Love the suggestions from both of you - will write them on the recipe for next time.