Recipe: White Bean Chili

It's Recipe Day again! This time I grabbed one out of the book for White Bean Chili. I had a chicken chili a few weeks back at Rick's Tavern and loved it. Since then, I've been craving it. While this is different since it uses ground turkey - it at least got me a bit of a fix for it.

I have no idea where this recipe came from. I've been tearing recipes out of magazines for years. This one doesn't have a magazine name on the bottom of the page. I'm thinking maybe a Fitness or Good Housekeeping - it wasn't a "cooking" magazine I don't think. I even Googled to no avail. It's pretty healthy though at only 292 calories per serving! (If you have issues seeing the ingredients - click to enlarge.)

I didn't have to substitute much here - the only thing I did differently was use a 24-oz jar of the northern beans - they're my favorite and instead of water/bouillion - I just used chicken broth.

Next time I need to see if I can find some medium green chiles - I always get these mild ones and they don't have any kick to them!

Brown the ground turkey, onion & garlic, then add the broth, beans, chiles, cumin and pepper - very easy! Let simmer for 20 minutes or so...

Mmmmmm flour and water slurry. Stir this at the end and serve - voila!

I'm still working on my presentation efforts...and the camera doesn't always help! The flash was too bright so we had to go natural kitchen lighting. I plopped some sour cream on top and had a few chips on the side.

Why Should You Make It: I loved it! There were 4 big servings and Larry - who isn't a big bean fan - even liked it. I've brought the 2 leftover servings for lunch this week - so that's always a plus in my book. It makes extra but not too much. I would add some hot sauce or spicier chiles the next time around as well as maybe try this with shredded chicken. All in all - very tasty comfort food! Enjoy!

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  1. Ooh this looks yummy. I've been thinking about making a white bean chili myself. Spicy green chiles are definitely a must-have! I always keep them stocked up in my pantry.