Restaurant & Road Trip: York Street Cafe, Newport KY

Larry and I grabbed the Groupon for York Street a month ago or so and then my wonderful sister gave me a gift certificate there - so we knew we had to get to my favorite restaurant - and we even get to go a couple of times! 

As we were waiting for a table - they told us to check out the gallery upstairs. Gallery? What? WHO KNEW?! The owners wife is an artist and has a great variety of paintings. We had to check it out.

On the way up the stairs we found this - I knew I was in for a treat! I love this! 

This was in the stairwell - but the room itself - well all the lights were off! So rather than head back downstairs and have them turn the lights on - we had FUN WITH THE FLASH! We just walked around the room in the dark and took pictures.
First up - aw - kitty & puppy! 

The view of the city is great - we were up on the 3rd floor of the building. This would make an amazing loft apartment. 

Seriously - fantastic apartment possibilities! I guess the other half of the building does have an apartment and the staff said it's phenomenal. 

I am in love with this one! When we went back downstairs, the owner gave us a book to look at of his wife's art. It was great - she does custom art based on photos. We saw the real photos of Connie and her dog to match these paintings. I would love to have one of me and Larry! 

Very fun and whimsical!

We felt like members of the mob with the secret peep hole in the door so I made Larry pose for a picture.  We decided to head back downstairs and check out the 2nd floor.

Back down on the 2nd floor is a bar that's open for bands every now and again. They were gearing up for a Swing band this night. It's also the overflow if you're waiting for a table. Great lamp. I can totally picture my friend Rachel owning this!

Santa and his reindeer are up year round...very festive!

Finally our table was ready! 

We started out with the Dirty Hummus ($9) minus the melted cheese (still going strong!). This is hummus topped with olives, peppers and BBQ sauce. It's good but the BBQ sauce was a bit overwhelming. Larry prefers straight-up hummus but we did enjoy it.

I always love the teenie tiny bottles of Diet Coke - although I could polish off 3 of them - no free refills. :-(

Larry went for the Fresh Catch which for the day was Sole ($25ish). It's topped with spinach, artichoke and a marsala beurre blanc. There was a side of rice and broccoli to go with it. I must say - it was a bit saucier than last time - but from now on - I'm just ordering this - it was delicious. So there's the Official Food Hussy recommendation - just get the Fresh Catch - it's amazing!

I went for one of the nightly specials which was Blackened Tuna ($25ish) with the same rice/broccoli. It had a pesto/butter kind of sauce on top that was really salty. I wasn't a fan of the tuna - I like it more on the medium rare side whereas this was well-done. I will add too - the broccoli was delicious. I like broccoli anyway - but Larry even finished his - so it must have been good!

Why Should You Go? Well I've said before that I love this place! While I didn't love my tuna - it's still at the top of my list. Plus - if you go - be sure to check out the gallery upstairs. It's a wonderful date spot - cozy and intimate are two key words to describe York St!

VOTE IN THE POLL! Check the top left of the site - there's a poll on what restaurant I should go to for the letter C! I can't wait to find out where you send me!! A & B have been AWESOME! (B was Bangkok Bistro - review coming tomorrow!) I grabbed a nice variety from the letter C - Ethnic (Cumin & Chung Kiwha), Pricey Fancy (Celestial) and Homey (Campbells Barn, Clough Crossing). Where will you send me?! Vote now! Voting ends Friday!

I am really loving this journey and I'm only on the letter C. I've decided that YOU will select every restaurant for me and I will ONLY have restaurants I haven't been to! Vote Vote Vote!

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