Road Trip: University of Cincinnati

First - I want to congratulate Kendra on winning the 4-pack of salsas from Mrs. Renfros in my Giveaway last week. I'll be posting a new Giveaway on Monday!

Next up - Road Trip! I've actually got a couple of these backed up and need to get moving on them. Typically I'm going to shoot for Restaurant on Tuesday, Road Trip on Wednesday and Recipe on Thursday. I'm sure some weeks it'll change a bit but I'll do the best I can. 

A couple of weeks ago Larry decided we should go mill around UC. I think it might have even been New Years Day or the day after...we came across some hung over people :-)

It may not seem like much of a road trip - but I think half the fun of this is the journey and just finding new things that were right under your nose. Lots of pictures - probably not much commentary since I don't even know what some of these buildings are. But I urge you to click on the photos to see the full sized images. As you'll find out in these Road Trips - I'm becoming quite a fan of buildings. I love all the intricacies in this one and the repeated crosses.

Apparently I can't stand a picture that's straight on either! The dome interested me - any UC folks want to enlighten me?

This shot is 100% for my Mom. We saw some big lights on one night somewhere and she said - "Oh they must be Musco lights!" My Mom is from Muscatine, IA and Musco is a big company there. I thought to myself, "She's nuts - really - you're 9 hours away and just ASSUME we have your lights?!" Well Mom - you were right. They were Musco!

Next up was the stadium at UC. I was SHOCKED! I went to the University of Iowa where Kinnick Stadium is revered and basically on lock down except for game day. The fact that we could WALK ON the field at Nippert - well - I was beside myself. I couldn't fathom it! Larry laughed at me! I'm sorry - it just isn't done at Iowa. Stepping on the field is a big deal. But I have to admit - I was glad UC was open because it was fun walking around the stadium. So "yeah!" for UC not caring as much as my beloved Hawkeyes!

Again - love the lines and the architecture on campus. It's modern and traditional all living together in one big space!

People just don't take time any more when building things. You don't see the details near as much in new architecture. Or maybe the details are just different.

Some students were getting ready to play some football - maybe intramural? Larry just about joined them but I didn't want to sit out in the cold and watch.

The Big O!

I love when the color of the sky is so damn blue you just can't help but snap pictures.

This is like a giant tetris game just waiting to be played! 

Okay - what the hell? We found this outside the engineering building. A bike with cement wheels. And it was chained up! Cuz yes - I'm gonna ride away on that...

This is across the street and says "Second Church of Christ, Scientist" - I always like that the U's are V's on these old carvings.

Really great weather vane.
This is heading into Northside. I'm also a huge fan of retro signs...I'm thinking of applying to be a host for American Pickers!

I love this shot - Larry told me to check out the doors - and so I snapped it through the back window in our SUV. The red doors are so bright and I thought it looked pretty cool with such a dark frame from the car interior around it.

So there you have it - my first road trip of 2011. Although I didn't go too far - it was still a lot of fun. I think the local road trips are my favorite some times. So I encourage you to drive around and keep your eyes open for unique things.


  1. The dome building is Van Wormer Hall.
    I'm pretty sure that bike is outside DAAP (the art school building). I work there so I've see this bike regularly! Maybe a piece of artwork?!

  2. The dome acts as a skylight actually which brightens up the whole building. Next time you're around, you should go inside! Original marble and it is GORGEOUS. Used to house the President's office but now is administrative and houses Blegen Library

  3. Great pictures of the University of Cincinnati! Glad you enjoyed your tour. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think I have seen that place with the red door, on hamilton avenue maybe?! You should go to Xavier next :) (coming from a former Muskie!!)