Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

So my good friend Lou and I decided to get together for dinner and I was dying for fried chicken. Put that with Lou living in NKY - we chose the Greyhound Tavern as our dining spot! It's at Buttermilk & Dixie on the corner next to Huntington Bank...if you're not familiar.

It's definitely an "old people" kinda place. If you're there at 430 - expect there to be a wait (I kid...kinda).

Started out with some wasn't memorable enough for me to even recall if I liked it or not.

I always like their salads - and there was no cheese! They have those sesame stick things on them - that's really the best part. And yes - ranch please!

Lou got the NY Strip ($24.75) - well done of course - and she was pretty happy with it. She's not much of a vegetable fan - so she went for fries and a baked potato. I love her! I tried a bite of the steak and I'm not a well-done fan but it was pretty good. I'm sure she would have a lot to say about the baked potato because she is a connoisseur but I'll just say she finished it. 

I got the fried chicken ($15.95) and her onion ring. The onion ring wasn't good - it was bland and soggy. The fried chicken - well it was a mixed bag. The dark meat was really great and juicy. I should have stopped there. The breast was dry as a board! I like their fried chicken but there wasn't much flavor to the breading. I had some Lee's a few weeks back and that stuff was SPICY! Comparatively - this is very very bland - but they do cater to the old I'm guessing that's why. I guess I'd like to find some with a little seasoning.

Anybody have good fried chicken recommendations?

Why Should You Go? If you're over 65, you'll love it! I'm kidding. If you like bland food - or have a big family dinner you're trying to plan - it's a good spot. It's homey and the wait staff is good. I think the prices are a bit high but it's a perennial favorite of NKY folks...

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  1. Take a road trip to Harrodsburg, Ky, and go to The Beaumont Inn. They soak the chicken in buttermilk before frying it. It's awesome.

    In town, I have heard 10 West, in the Marriott in Covington is supposed to be good, although I haven't tried it

  2. Applewood"s in Indiana has very good fried chicken :)

  3. Market Street Grill in Harrison. They have a fried chicken special on sundays. Their vegetable napolean is a beautifully delicious vegetarian entree.

    Kind of a drive...but it could be good for one of your road trips :)

  4. they also have great hot-browns.